A NEW myCoyote

Coming June 29!

The ITS team has been working on a new and improved look for myCoyote, arriving on June 29, 2018.  The new myCoyote portal will not only have a sleek new design with improved navigation, it will be responsive to the screen size of user devices, resulting in a more user-friendly browsing experience. The new myCoyote provides access to the same services through a friendlier interface. Student services such as add/drop/swap classes, course history, grades, and holds are easier to read, whether you're on your phone or at a desktop computer. 

The new myCoyote using desktop




Homepage Redesign

The new design simplifies the look and feel of all the elements within myCoyote. The desktop version (pictured above) shows equally sized tiles to the most popular functions, whether you have one role (i.e. student) or multiple roles (i.e. student and staff). 

In a new mobile friendly design (pictured left), tiles shrink and adjust to tablets and mobile devices for ease of use. An icon, title, and brief description accompanies each item featured in the portal. 



Simplified Browsing

The new system also uses a tool to present complicated content into an easy to read and use design for both desktop and mobile device users.