Student Software

ESET AntiVirus Software

CSUSB students are eligible to receive a free licensing code and installation of ESET Antivirus Protection on up to three devices. Each device will be protected from viruses, spyware, and malware for one year. ESET Antivirus is great because it eliminates virtually all threats on your PC/Mac to keep documents and private information safe.

What is spyware/malware? 
Malware is software that is intended to damage or disable computer systems, and it will dramatically reduce your PC's productivity and speed. Without antivirus protection, you may be at risk for cybercrime such as identity theft or fraud. Spyware can covertly monitor your every keystroke and send vital personal information to third parties. If you make a purchase online, for example, your credit card information can be stolen and used to make fraudulent charges.

Why do I need ESET Antivirus Software? 
Laptops become susceptible to viruses from file sharing, downloading full movies and simply from browsing the web. While it is generally true that PC's have a higher chance of falling victim to viruses, there are dangerous Mac-oriented malware hazards as well. As a result of being hacked by malware, all saved work on your device may be erased, and personal information may be stolen.

How do I install my ESET software? 
Installing ESET Antivirus is easy! Visit the ESET Website and enter your CSUSB email address. You will receive a validation email and a unique activation key.

HETS Virtual Plaza

The Hispanic Educational Technology Resources (HETS) Virtual Plaza offers CSUSB students free access to over 300 online practice exams including:

  • SAT
  • GMAT
  • GRE
  • LSAT
  • MCAT

You can log-in by visiting the Cengage Learning website and entering the code: calstate2013. Once logged in, select the Testing & Education Reference Center and then College Prep Tools from the menu. Additionally, CSUSB students can explore careers, scholarships, internships and financial aid opportunities.

HETS also provides the Faculty Placita, designed for faculty and administrators. Faculty Placita resources include professional development workshops, Hispanic educational research, fellowship information and more. For more information, visit the Hispanic Educational Technology Services website

JMP Statistical Discovery Software from SAS

JMP Statistical Software is now available to students, faculty and staff at CSUSB. To download and install the software on University machines or home machines, please use one of the links below:

JMP statistical discovery software from SAS is the tool of choice for scientists, engineers and other data explorers in almost every industry and government sector. JMP combines powerful statistics with dynamic graphics, in memory and on the desktop. Interactive and visual, JMP reveals insights that raw tables of numbers or static graphs tend to hide. 
For more information about JMP please refer to the JMP website.


Mathematica is now available to students at CSUSB. To download and install the software on University machines or home machines, please use one of the links below:

For more than 25 years, Mathematica has defined the state of the art in technical computing—and provided the principal computation environment for millions of innovators, educators, students, and others around the world. Widely admired for both its technical prowess and elegant ease of use, Mathematica provides a single integrated, continually expanding system that covers the breadth and depth of technical computing—and with Mathematica Online, it is now seamlessly available in the cloud through any web browser, as well as natively on all modern desktop systems. 

Microsoft Office 365

Have you recently purchased a computer that did not include Microsoft Office? CSUSB now allows all current students, faculty, and staff to download Office 365 ProPlus (programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint) for FREE! Office 365 can be installed on up to 5 machines (PC or Mac) as well as 5 mobile devices.

For Faculty & Staff

To install Office 365, log into the CSUSB OWA wesbite using your, click on the Settings Icon (gear), click on Office 365 Apps link near the bottom and select Install Status.

For Students

To install Office 365, log into the Office 365 Portal. Type in your CoyoteID number using your login. You will be redirected to our Campus Login Page. Once logged it, please select the “Install Office” button.

Feel free to contact the Technology Support Center at (909) 537-7677 or if you have any questions.

NBC Learn Higher Ed

NBC Learn Higher Ed is now available to our students. NBC Learn Higher Ed is a collection of more than 15,000 videos, documents, and images that can be incorporated into classroom lectures and online teaching materials. The in-depth stories found on NBC Learn Higher Ed have all been subject to the highest journalistic standards of NBC News and are designed so that faculty can give their students access to digital content that is engaging, inspiring, and relevant to their daily lives.

This resource can be accessed through the following methods:

Hands on training is available for faculty who want to incorporate this resource in their courses. To arrange for training, please contact Dr. Michael Chen, Director of Academic Technologies and Innovation at


Portfolium offers students a more effective format of presenting themselves by allowing them to display their work along with descriptions of the assignments. By displaying your work, you can show off your skills and experiences for employers and companies to review. Portfolium offers you helpful tips on reaching the next level and attracting employers. You can also follow and interact with companies you’re interested in. CSUSB students enjoy free membership for life!

Start building your Portfolium here!

Please visit CSUSB Portfolium Blog for more information.

Zoom Video Conferencing

Collaborating with classmates is a breeze using Zoom, CSUSB’s tool for hosting and attending video conferences. In one platform, Zoom allows groups of up to 200 students to host online meetings, conferences, and chats. With Zoom, you can virtually rehearse projects and record meetings to view later. From anywhere, students can meet using their laptop, desktop, and tablet, or smartphone. Zoom is compatible with iOS, Mac, Android, and PCs.

Please follow the link to Download Zoom.