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Call Records

Outgoing Calls

Telecommunications & Network Services (TNS) collects call record data on outgoing calls for billing purposes only as part of our regular business practice. These records are restricted and are only available to authorized individuals on campus.

Incoming Calls

Telecommunications & Network Services (TNS) does not collect or maintain information regarding incoming calls to campus phone numbers as a regular business practice. Incoming calls are considered private and the personal information of the called party. Therefore, TNS does not comply with requests for a record of such calls.

However, in cases of harassment, on-going civil suits or criminal investigations, TNS will comply with written requests from the CSUSB University Police for records of incoming calls. If your request is related to one of the matters stated above, please contact the CSUSB University Police for assistance in obtaining these records.

Important Note

The Cisco VoIP phone system keeps a record of the last 100 calls received by a particular phone instrument. You may view these records by going to the phone instrument in question, selecting "Directories", and then selecting "Received Calls". However, the list of "received calls" includes all calls received by all phone numbers appearing on that instrument, not just calls to the main number of that particular phone.

For example, "received calls" on a multi-line phone will contain all calls received by all lines programmed for that phone instrument. There is no way to differentiate or to identify which incoming call was directed to which phone number programmed.