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IT Governance Subcommittees

Academic Technologies and Distributed Learning Committee


Dr. Jessica Getman (Chair), Assistant Professor, College of Arts & Letters

Dr. Halil Tasova, Assistant Professor, Watson College of Education

Dr. Yan Zhang, Assistant Professor, College of Natural Sciences

Dr. Reveka Shteynberg, Assistant Professor, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Yongseok Jang, Associate Professor, Jack H. Brown College of Business & Public Administration


Non-Voting Members:

Dr. Bradford Owen, Interim AVP for Faculty Development & Chief Academic Technologies Officer

Rose Wilson, Interim AVP and Dean, College of Extended & Global Education

Other Regular Attendees:

Micah Schiessel, LMS Administrator, Faculty Center for Excellence

Mandy Taylor, Instructional Designer, Faculty Center for Excellence


  • The Academic and Distributed Technologies Committee will monitor policy issues that arise with regard to the University Policy on Distributed Learning and shall, as it considers appropriate, (a) refer a particular issue to one of the standing committees of the Faculty Senate for the development of a policy or (b) develop a policy on a particular issue itself and then refer the proposed policy to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate.
  • The Committee will monitor and report on instructional technology and distributed learning trends and issues on campus.
  • The Committee shall seek to gather and represent faculty perspectives on questions relating to teaching, learning, or researching with instructional technologies, including distributed learning and other learning technologies, and it will work with ATI to provide services and support to the faculty. Faculty are free to bring questions and requests for support to either the Committee or ATI as they choose.
  • The Committee will recommend to ATI mechanisms that will support faculty in staying current on instructional technologies and distributed learning, such as opportunities for training, experimenting with emerging technologies, and support from instructional designer.

Administrative Systems


Dr, Frank Lin, Co-Chair

Vacant, Co-Chair

Dr. Tanner Carollo, Chief Data Officer & Director of Institutional Research & Analytics

Michael Casadonte, Director, Digital Transformation

Vacant, Associated Students Incorporated

Terri Nelson, Professor, World Languages & Literature



  • Provide recommendations to IT Governance for all student, faculty and staff facing administrative systems in alignment with the CSUSB Strategic Plan, ITS Strategic Plan, vision and mission of the university.

  • Consult with and bring awareness to the Campus Community on impacted changes made to administrative systems including planned downtimes

  • Recommend improvements, integration, enhancements, and modifications to current administrative systems with best practices to anticipate and satisfy current and future demands of the Campus Community

  • Explore partnership opportunities with the Chancellor’s Office and other CSU Campuses

Institutional Data Team


Dr. Tanner Carollo, Co-Chair

Vacant, Co-Chair

Michael Casadonte, Director, Digital Transformation

Sue Gilleland, Director for Advancement Services

Dr. Vipin Gupta, Professor, Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration

Bruce Hagan, Executive Director, Technology Operations and Customer Support

Annel Martin, Compliance Initiatives Lead Specialist

James Macdonell, Interim Information Security Officer

Gerard Au, Ex-Officio


  • The team provides a framework for data governance, data democratization, the ethical use of data across the campus community.
  • The team provides oversight and direction on requests from third parties for institutional data for research and other purposes.
  • The team reviews, discusses and makes recommendations regarding data privacy.

Information Security, Compliance & Emerging Technologies


Dr. Conrad Shayo, Co-Chair

James Macdonell, Co-Chair

Amy Braceros, University Registrar

Dr. Tanner Carollo, Director, Institutional Research & Analytics

Sharon Johnson, Executive Director for Human Resources

Dr. Beth Jaworski, Executive Director, Health, Counseling & Wellness

Lynniece Warren, Executive Director, Risk Management

Kandy Liu, Executive Director of Audit & Advisory Services

Annel Martin, Compliance Initiatives Lead Specialist, Identity Security & Enterprise

ASI Student Representative

Gerard Au, Ex-Officio


  • The ISET subcommittee will review, develop and recommend information security and privacy protection policies and standards to comply with applicable federal, state and CSU Information Security Policies and Standards (ICSUAM 8000).
  • The ISET subcommittee will provide oversight and recommendations for compliance with CSU required information security audits and compliance reports.
  • The ISET subcommittee will review and provide recommendations as appropriate in support of campus information technology policies and standards.
  • The ISET subcommittee will evaluate and develop as necessary campus information security policies and standards in response to emerging threats and technologies.
  • The ISET subcommittee will review additional technology, security and privacy issues and concerns as they emerge.

Technology Operations & Customer Support


Sanjeet Mann, Co-Chair, Librarian, John M Pfau Library - Information Technology Department

Bruce Hagan, Co-Chair, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services

Gerard Au, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services

ASI Programs Specialist 

Bill Herbert, Information Technology Consultant, Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration

Ching-Yi Wang, Information Technology Consultant, College of Natural Sciences

Brandon Sierra, Interim Director of Administrative Computing and Technology Support

David Hatch, Network Analyst, Technology Operations and Cloud Services

Gerardo Garcia-Sotelo, Operating Systems Analyst, Technology Operations and Cloud Services

Ben Derry, Operating Systems Analyst, Enterprise and Cloud Services

Robert Garcia, Associate Director of Accessible Technology and Training Services

Dr. Mark Atkinson, Assistant Dean, Professional and Continuing Education

Janette Flores, Information Technology Consultant, ITS Training Services

John Gungon, Manager, Talent Acquisition

Juan Macias, Director of Facilities Management


The Technology Operations and Customer Service Subcommittee is responsible for advising and providing recommendations for the technology infrastructure, assessing and improving support operations processes, procedures and training, establishing and reviewing technology standards, and project planning, that are focused on enhancing the institutions goals of improving learning outcomes that increase student success.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that we provide World Class Customer Support
  • Providing a robust, reliable and resilient infrastructure
  • Validate technology services and tools that improve remote learning and work
  • Annually review and provide guidance to ensure the continuity of services and systems during outages, campus shutdowns and other events that do now allow the normal operations.
  • Prioritize sustainability and environmentally friendly use and purchase of technology equipment
  • Review, advise and recommend academic computing and research technology
  • Advise and recommend Enterprise Applications, technology management systems and User Experience improvements
  • Explore, prioritize and leverage Cloud Services
  • Recommend major changes in the delivery of IT services or service levels
  • Provide input on Digital Transformation
  • Recommend specifications and technology standards for campus technology purchases (ex.: PCs, Servers, data projectors, etc.)
  • Develop and recommend technology policies, procedures, use and control of technology property
  • Provide input and guidance on technical training to students, faculty and staff