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IT Governance Subcommittees

Academic Technologies & Distributed Learning Committee


Dr. Janine Kremling, Chair, Professor, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Kurt Collins, Professor, College of Arts and Letters

Dr. Yonseok Jang, Professor, Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration

Dr. Tatiana Karmanova, Dean, College of Extended Learning

Dr. Amy Leh, Professor, College of Education

Vacant, College of Natural Sciences



Dr. Jo Anna Grant, Director, Teaching Resource Center

Takiya Moore, Academic Technologies and Innovation

Dr. Mihaela Popescu, Academic Technologies and Innovation

Micah Schiessel, Academic Technologies and Innovation

James Trotter, Assistant Director of Academic Technologies and Innovation


  • The Academic and Distributed Technologies Committee will monitor policy issues that arise with regard to the University Policy on Distributed Learning and shall, as it considers appropriate, (a) refer a particular issue to one of the standing committees of the Faculty Senate for the development of a policy or (b) develop a policy on a particular issue itself and then refer the proposed policy to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate.
  • The Committee will monitor and report on instructional technology and distributed learning trends and issues on campus.
  • The Committee shall seek to gather and represent faculty perspectives on questions relating to teaching, learning, or researching with instructional technologies, including distributed learning and other learning technologies, and it will work with ATI to provide services and support to the faculty. Faculty are free to bring questions and requests for support to either the Committee or ATI as they choose.
  • The Committee will recommend to ATI mechanisms that will support faculty in staying current on instructional technologies and distributed learning, such as opportunities for training, experimenting with emerging technologies, and support from instructional designer.

Administrative Systems


Dr. Frank Lin, Co-Chair

Lenora Rodgers, Co-Chair

Monir Ahmed, AVP of Finance

Stacey Barnier, Director, Human Resources

Tanner Carollo, Assistant Director, Institutional Research

Michael Casadonte, Director, Digital Transformation

Grace King, Project Manager, Q2S

Olivia Rosas, AVP, Enrollment Services

Dr. Javier Torner, Information Security Officer

Rosalinda Velasco, Interim AVP, Human Resources

Dr. Clare Weber, Deputy Provost, Academic Programs


  • Provide governance recommendations for all student, faculty, staff facing administrative systems including PeopleSoft Human Resources (HR), Campus Solutions (CS), Common Financial System (CFS), and CFS Data Warehouse (CFSDW), Common Human Resource System (CHRS), WebAdmit, Concur Travel, Advancement, Qualtrics, PAWS/MyCap, Blackboard Connect, Cashnet, and PeopleSoft integrations to 3rd party applications
  • Consult with the Campus Community on all changes made to administrative systems including planned downtimes
  • Explore and recommend API layers and other interfaces to all other systems on Campus
  • Ensure the safety, privacy and integrity of data
  • Pursue continuous process improvement on provisioning, maintenance and deprovisioning accounts and users
  • Pursue time and cost efficiencies in licensing and shared services
  • Work with ITS Training Services to formulate and implement end user empowerment and training programs
  • Recommend modifications to administrative systems to anticipate and satisfy current and future demands of the Campus Community
  • Recommend appropriate measures to ensure system stability and optimum performance
  • Explore partnership opportunities with the Chancellor’s Office and other CSU Campuses

Institutional Data Team


Dr. Muriel Lopez Wagner, Co-Chair

Dr. Samuel Sudhakar, Co-Chair

Monir Ahmed, AVP of Finance

Monica Alejandre, Director, Advancement Services

Gerard Au, Deputy CIO/CISO, Information Technology Services

Amy Braceros, Interim Director, Office of the Registrar

Tanner Carollo, Assistant Director, Institutional Research

Jenny Casillas, Analyst/Programmer, Administrative Computing and Business Intelligence

Dr. Lesley Davidson-Boyd, Interim Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Anthony De La Loza, Analyst/Programmer, Administrative Computing and Business Intelligence

Dr. Vipin Gupta, Professor, Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration

Dr. Dorota Huizinga, Associate Provost, Academic Research and Graduate Studies

Alex Najera,  AVP, Human Resources

Lenora Rodgers, Director, Administrative Computing and Business Intelligence


  • The team explores the use of data discovery to promote digital transformation and data driven decision making.  The team discovers meaningful patterns of data, identify problem areas, monitor progress, provide recommendations, and engage key campus stakeholders in analytics discussions and action.
  • The team provides a framework for data governance, data democratization, the ethical use of data across the campus community and provides oversight and direction on requests from third parties for institutional data for research and other purposes.
  • The team creates a framework for compliance with data use standards in accordance with local, state, federal and international laws.
  • The team utilizes technology and institutional research to stimulate discussion and address the complexity of our changing environment.

Information Security, Compliance & Emerging Technologies


Prof Conrad Shayo, Co-Chair

Gerard Au, Co-Chair

Faith Adole, Associate Director, Student Health Center

Laura Carrizales, Administrative Analyst Specialist, Information Security & Emerging Technologies 

Amy Braceos, Interim Director, University Registrar

Beatrice Larez, Interim Assistant Director, Office of the Registrar

Dr. Muriel Lopez-Wagner, Chief Data Officer & Associate Vice President, Institutional Research & Analytics

Alex Najera, Associate Vice President for Human Resources & Co-Chief Diversity Officer

Carolyn O'Keefe,  Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

Beiwei Tu, Executive Director, Risk Management

Michael Zachary, Campus Auditor

ASI Student Representative


  • The ISET subcommittee will review, develop and recommend information security and privacy protection policies and standards to comply with applicable federal, state and CSU Information Security Policies and Standards (ICSUAM 8000).
  • The ISET subcommittee will provide oversight and recommendations for compliance with CSU required information security audits and compliance reports.
  • The ISET subcommittee will review and provide recommendations as appropriate in support of campus information technology policies and standards.
  • The ISET subcommittee will evaluate and develop as necessary campus information security policies and standards in response to emerging threats and technologies.
  • The ISET subcommittee will review additional technology, security and privacy issues and concerns as they emerge.

Technology Operations & Customer Support


Dr. Mike Chao, Co-Chair

Bruce Hagan, Co-Chair

Rama Al-Shreteh, ASI (Student Representative)

Dayna Brown, Confidential Aide, Division of Administration and Finance

Richard Flinchum, Program Specialist, College of Extended and Global Education

Bill Herbert, Information Technology Consultant, Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration

John Hernandez, Librarian, John M. Pfau Library

Ching-Yi Wang, College of Natural Sciences

Patricia Weyand, Director, Information Technology (PDC)

Vacant, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Vacant, Division of Student Affairs


  • Best of Class Customer Support
  • Infrastructure
  • Operational Sustainability and Excellence
  • High Performance Computing
  • Research Networks
  • Enterprise Applications, Systems and User Interface
  • Cloud Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Campus Policies and Procedures