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The Career Center is proud to offer premier programs and services at our San Bernardino campus, located in the foothills of San Bernardino and our Palm Desert campus located in the Coachella Valley. As a California State University that serves the nation’s largest county, we partner with local and national industry leaders to serve over 20,000 current students as well as countless alumni.

We empower students and recent alumni to develop a lifelong skill-set for an ever-changing labor market through exploration, programming, and experiential learning opportunities to meet their personal and professional goals.

Overview of Services Handout

Meet Our Staff

This image showcases our Director, Dr. Tiffany Bitting

Dr. Tiffany Bitting | Director

(909) 537-3254


ann lara associate director career center csusb career development leaders campus

Ann Lara | Associate Director

(909) 537-3251

Headshot of Valentina Felix, Career Advisor

Valentina Felix | Career Advisor

Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration

(909) 537-3247

Headshot of Oscar Fonseca, Career Advisor

Oscar Fonseca | Career Advisor

Liaison for Palm Desert Campus

(909) 537-8243

 Headshot of Sarai Maldonado, Career Advisor

Sarai Maldonado | Career Advisor

Liaison to College of Arts and Letters / College of Education

(909) 537-3682

Primavera Reza Nakonechny Career Advisor at the Career Center 2022

Primavera Reza-Nakonechny | Career Advisor

Liaison to College of Natural Sciences / Honors & Pre-Professional Programs

(909) 537-3253

cody coyote vacant position new employee csusb  

Vacant | Career Advisor

cody coyote vacant position new employee csusb 2  

Vacant | Employer Relations Specialist

cody coyote vacant position new employee csusb

Vacant | Budget and Operations Analyst

cody coyote vacant position new employee csusb

Vacant | Administrative Support Coordinator, PDC

cody coyote vacant position new employee csusb

Vacant | Administrative Support Assistant


cody coyote vacant position new employee csusb

Vacant | Event Coordinator

Meet Our Student Assistants 

Lea Vargas

Lea Vargas | Peer Career Educator

Major: Social Work

Fun Fact : Likes to bake

Alondra Grijalva

Alondra Grijalva | Peer Career Educator

Major: Studio Art

Fun Fact: Likes going to concerts

This image showcases our Student Assistant, Reina Alvarado Diaz

Reina Alvarado Diaz | Marketing Student Assistant

Major: MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Fun Fact: Loves listening to house music

Michelle Medina Headshot

Michelle Medina | Event Crew Member

Major: Health Service Administration 

Fun Fact: Very active thespian of the performing arts

Michelle Fuentes

Michelle Fuentes | Peer Career Educator

Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: Likes to go on mini adventures