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Telephone Services

IT Services provide an array of voice services to the CSUSB campus community. These include: the campus Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system, voice messaging services, IP contact center, the campus telephone directory and the campus operators. We are also responsible for telecommunication installation, maintenance, repair, and billing.

Policies & Procedures

Official policies are reviewed by the Administrative Council and are available for review on the University Policies and Processes web site. Standard operating procedures are used solely by TNS and have not been reviewed by the Administrative Council.

You should review the following standard operating procedures.

User Guides

Several documents have been made available here to assist with the various telephone instruments and applications. Please refer to these guides for instruction and assistance.

If you are unable to find what you need, please contact Telecommunications at x75133 for further assistance.

Work Requests

Work requests or telephone trouble reports should be initiated through the Work Order Request form. Billable requests will be verified with the appropriate Department Contact to ensure proper account numbers are utilized for charge backs.

If you move a telephone, please submit a work request containing the following information: telephone extension, name, new building, room and jack number. Straight relocations with only a Building/Room and Jack updates are not billable if our technician is not required to assist. It is imperative that the information be communicated to TNS for accurate maintenance of the Emergency Response database.

Any requests requiring programming are billable with the exception of a telephone becoming VACANT. This is when an individual leaves the campus, but the position is not filled immediately. See price list below for details.

A vanity number allows you to substitute the letter values printed on the telephone to spell something. For example, 537-4867 spells 537-4TNS. Phone numbers are subject to availability. Please fill out the Vanity Number Request form below and fax it to TNS at x77007.

Cellular Phones

Telecommunication and Network Services manage all campus cellular accounts. For inquiries or to order a CSUSB cell phone please contact the Technology Support Center at x77677.

Details regarding the campus policy, procedures and guidelines may be found in the documentation below.