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Online Programs at CSUSB

CSUSB offers 100% online degree programs as well as blended online programs, which combine the best of online and face-to-face instruction.

100% Online Programs*



*On campus culminating experience may be required. Check with the program of interest to confirm.

Blended Online Programs



General Course Information

For a detailed description on a specific class, please refer to the CSUSB Catalog. For up to date information on courses being offered, please refer to the CSUSB Class Schedule.

Course Descriptions

In the class schedule, the following descriptions are used for courses:

ONL: Courses under this listing use the Internet as the primary teaching, learning, communication and assessment tool. Some classes may or may not meet on campus a few times for events such as orientations, presentations or other academic activities. Correspondence for these courses is conducted through email, chat, discussion boards and similar communication devices, both synchronous and asynchronous. Students who enroll in fully online courses are responsible for meeting the technical requirements necessary for this method of instruction and learning.

Web/Classroom: The majority of class meetings for these courses are on campus in a physical classroom. Some course material may be accessible online, including, but not limited to syllabi, assignment descriptions, lecture notes, quizzes, tests and announcements. The amount of online course material may vary from 5% to 90% depending on the instructor.

Video course information: We also offer video courses which originate from Cal State's campuses in San Bernardino or Palm Desert and are broadcast through two-way audio and video to one or more sites.