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Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation (Dx)?

Digital Transformation is the process by which available data resources are efficiently utilized to bring convenience and ease of use to those who need it most, when and where they need it.

When digital transformation has occurred, people are interacting with the information they need, presented the way they need it at the moment they need it. 

A Few Examples

Imagine using a mobile device to do everything from locate a classroom, book an appointment with an advisor, or schedule a study room in the library. Imagine not just locating open computer labs, but seeing how many seats are available before you get there. Imagine receiving a notification on your phone that you have an important message about a hold, your status, your course registration, or a seat opening up in a course for which you are waitlisted. Imagine never having to stand in a line to find out that you were standing in the wrong line; or better yet, never having to wait in line at all. 

Digital Transformation @ CSUSB

Utilizing the tools of web and mobile technologies, including AI and machine learning, Digital Transformation strives to create a culture of easily accessible, intelligently designed, and seamless systems to improve the human experience at CSUSB by making interactions available from anywhere. We seek to improve university processes, eliminate administrative bottlenecks, reduce technology barriers, and increase operational efficiency by creating intuitive, agile, and efficient tools to accelerate graduation, increase retention, and support the success of our students, faculty, and staff.

Our Team

  • Perry Barker
  • Michael Casadonte
  • Joel Fite
  • Samuel Jacuinde
  • Tracy Luu
  • Blaise Morita
  • Andrew Tran
  • Claudia Tristan
  • David Vasilia
  • Monica Villarruel
  • Brianna Wagner

Work for Us - Become a Transformer

Student Employment Opportunities

Digital Transformation is always interested in identifying talented, spirited students who can join our team of transformers. We build tools for students, faculty, staff, and the visiting community to more easily traverse the physical and digital campus.  

Hand us a resume or email it to

We're Looking For

  • experience with WordPress or similar CMS
  • an excellent command of the English language
  • a sense of design, layout, and humor
  • good communication with technical and non-technical humans
  • ability to converse fearlessly with faculty
  • accurate notetaking skills