Instructions: InCommon Personal Certificates

Client Configuration

If you already have a digital certificate, skip to the installation instructions:


Participation in the InCommon Personal Certificate program is by invitation-only. If you have not already received a certificate invitation, to request one, contact the information security office.

InCommon Invitation Email

The information security office will register your email with InCommon. The InCommon system will send an invitation to your email account. This email will contain a link to - a confirmation page.

Note: this email may occasionally land in a Junk E-Mail folder.

InCommon Invitation Link

The confirmation page will prompt for a "PIN" and a "Passphrase". In almost all instances, you will want to use the same passphrase for both the "PIN" and the "Passphrase". Note: "PIN" is a misnomer. It does not need to be, and should not be, a number.

In short, type the same passphrase four times.

Specifically: the PIN is used to protect the p12 file about to be generated and downloaded. The passphrase is used to allow self-revocation of the certificate (this is a rare occurrence).

InCommon Certificate Generation

Be prepared to wait for the certificate to generate. This typically takes about 60 seconds, but has been known to take longer.

InCommon Certificate Download

You will be presented a download option when the certificate is ready. You typically will only be given this one opportunity to download the file.

Please be mindful of where you save the file. You'll need to save this file for installation on other devices, such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones.


After saving, please continue on to installation: