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Chief’s Philosophy

We believe:  Campus Oriented Problem Solving, or COPS, is a derivation of the two law enforcement strategies:  Community Oriented Police (COP) and Problem Oriented Policing (POP).  It is designed to focus our efforts in the most efficient and effective manner to deal with root causes of crime problems on campus.  It has been described as a strategy in which “a police officer shifts from an incident-driven enforcer to a results-driven problem solver.”  To that end, the Department has adopted a policing philosophy consistent with that intent.

Our department will use innovative, non-traditional methods to not only respond to crime concerns, but to correct the root causes and where possible eliminate problem reoccurrence.  This requires an expanded partnership between University Police and the campus community.  Community members are our best allies in fighting crime and keeping the peace.  Better communication and interaction are a must if Campus Oriented Problem Solving is to be effective.

Our first efforts will be to communicate who we are and how we work.  I expect personnel to be out in the campus community, interacting with faculty, staff, and students as much as possible to foster a relationship of trust and cooperation.  We will empower members of the campus community to be a part of the overall public safety effort.

The University Police Department pledges to do all it can to provide quality service and perform its mission using the COPS philosophy.  With the help and support of the campus community, our campus can become the SAFEST it has ever been.

Nina Jamsen, Chief of Police

Nina Jamsen


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