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Administrative Computing & User Experience

About ACUx

Administrative Computing & User Experience (ACUx) is a department of the Information Technology Services (ITS) division. ACUx develops, provides support for, and manages various campus enterprise software applications on a variety of hardware platforms. Support is provided for all CSUSB Administrative Systems.

The University recently migrated to Oracle/PeopleSoft's Student Administration Suite of software. This migration joins the University's Finance, Human Resources and Student Information System Applications as part of the CMS (Common Management System) sponsored by the CSU.

Inside ACUx

ACUx strives to be the richest source of support for information technology resource management. To do this, we encourage our teams to work in a collaborative environment and we give them the resources and support they need to bring the best practices to life. At ACUx, we realize that a supportive work environment is crucial to success. We also understand that success is not just about hitting the bottom line but about collaborating and maintaining clear communication between partners and technical support.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Our mission-driven work environment encourages cross-unit collaboration and engagement, which allows cross-unit functional and technical people to pool their talents to generate best practice and unique solutions to campus business needs. This open environment also acquaints our technical teams with their business partners across the campus.

Embracing the Future

In a rapidly evolving and volatile technology landscape, ACUx is constantly spearheading change and adapting to meet the needs of our business partners. Our integrated self-services presence enables us to foster a campus community around our services. Our teams are deeply engaged with technology trends and experiment with creative ways of applying them to campus business.

Culture of Support

ACUx coordinates with campus Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to help administrative users adjust to changes through creative training course designs engaging enterprise software applications through Instructor Led and One-on-One hands-on training. We also offer information rich tutorials to massive campus users in support of self-services.

ACUx strategic plan cultivates functional and technical team members that thrive and succeed in a culture of change, involvement and continued learning. ACUx fosters the integration and adoption on enterprise software applications of today -- and tomorrow -- by engaging developers and administrative users together in various trainings that align professional growth with the IT strategic plan. ACUx teams excel as individuals while driving the campus toward an information rich technology vision of the future.