Enhanced 911 (E911) Services

The campus VoIP system supports the dialing of 911 emergency calls. Any 911 call placed from a campus telephone will automatically be routed to the University Police dispatcher.

Telephones are assigned to zones with the physical connection (wall jack) of the phone instrument determining its E911 location. When a campus user makes a 911 call, the special number assigned to the physical zone will be reported to University Police.

However, since VoIP phones are more "mobile" than traditional phones, it is important that users follow the proper Moves/Adds/Changes (MAC) procedures for a new installation or move. Users who wish to install or move a VoIP phone from its present location should contact Telecommunications at x75133. This information keeps our campus telephone database and the E911 system current.

REMEMBER: If you move your own VoIP phone without reporting it to TNS, you will be creating inaccuracies in the campus telephone database.