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A Special Message to the CSUSB Community:

With the recent passage of Proposition 64 (California Marijuana Legalization Initiative), it is important for the CSUSB campus community to understand what influence this new legislation has on campus. As a recipient of federal financial aid funds, CSUSB is required to follow federal law, which supersedes the new legislation in California.  Federal law requires the campus to maintain a drug-free community, prevent illegal drug use, and discipline those involved.  Consistent with the Federal Controlled Substances Act, it remains illegal at CSUSB to possess, use, consume, transport, cultivate, and/or sell marijuana on campus, including campus housing.

For more information on campus impacts due to Proposition 64, please contact University Police at 909/537-5165 or the Dean of Students Office at 909/537-5185.

Doug Freer

Life on Campus

Living on campus is one of the most unique experiences you will experience as a college student. Unlike off-campus living, living on the CSUSB campus provides students with a unique living environment where all of your neighbors are students just like you. The Department of Housing and Residential Education can put you in touch with campus activities, faculty and so much more! 

CSUSB aspires to be a model for transforming lives and ensuring student learning and success. CSUSB is a preeminent center of intellectual and cultural activity in Inland Southern California, reflecting the dynamic diversity of the region and having the most diverse student population of any university in the Inland Empire. 

Serrano Village is the ideal environment for first-year and new transfer students. Its residence hall environment and strong sense of community makes Serrano Village a perfect place to live, learn and make friends, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. 

Living Learning Communities - Black Residential Scholars (BRS)

The Black Residential Scholars (BRS) Living Learning Community is designed to provide leadership, mentorship, community and a safe space for those that identify with or are in support of the African American Community at CSUSB. The goal of BRS is to support all African/Black students and introduce them to campus resources to successfully navigate their CSUSB experience.