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Vital and Expanded Technologies Initiative (VETI)

The Vital and Expanded Technologies Initiative will be allocated in a manner beneficial to all students by providing them with technology experiences that:

  • Enhance the technological resources at California State University, San Bernardino to support student success.
  • Broaden/enhance the quality of the academic experience through the use of technology in support of the curriculum;
  • Provide additional student access to technological resources and equipment needed in support of instruction;
  • Maintain and enhance the technological competency of students as it relates to their academic endeavors

Vital and Expanded Technologies Initiative Charter



Committee Members

2024-2025  Student Representatives - Appointed by the Associated Students Incorporated (ASI)

   Sri Alapati, ASI, CBPA Representative

   Kaelyn Blackwell, ASI, Student-Athlete Representative

   Nasir Harris, ASI, CNS Representative

   Shardui Kulkarni, Student at Large

   Julia Ruiz, ASI, Executive Vice President 

   Derek Sweem, ASI, Graduate Students Representative VETI Co-Chair


2021-2024 Faculty and Staff Representatives

Priyanka Yalamanchili, Professor of Special Education, Rehabilitation & Counseling, Faculty Senate Appointee

Rachel Keener, Student Services Professional, Counseling and Psychological Services, Faculty Senate Appointee

Mihaela Popescu, Professor of Communication Studies, Provost Designee

Gerard Au, CIO Information Technology Services, VETI Co-Chair

Jackie Varela, Director, Office of Student Engagement, Administrator at Large 

Call For Proposals Guidelines




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