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As of Fall 2022, CSUSB has a student population of 19,467 (FTES 16,146), 86% from San Bernardino and Riverside counties, 5% from other countries, 8% from other California counties, and <1% from out-of-state; 2,201 (11%) students take at least 1 unit at the Palm Desert Campus. Of the 19,467 students, 12,181 (63%) are female and 7,286 (37%) are male.  Eighty-six percent of students are seeking an undergraduate degree, 77% attend on a full-time basis, 80% are first-generation college students (parents without a bachelor's degree); 67% are Hispanic, 11% are White, 5% are non-resident foreign students, 5% are African American, 5% are Asian, 3% Unknown, 2% are Two or More Races, and <1% are Native American/Alaskan Native or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. Eighteen percent of our students are freshmen, 9% are sophomores, 28% are juniors, 31% are seniors, 3% are post-baccalaureate students, 10% are masters, and <1% are doctoral students. Fifty-seven percent of our undergraduates are low-income students (Pell Grant recipients). Average age for our undergraduate students is 23 and 31 for our graduate/post-baccalaureate students. Our current student success measures are as follows: first-to-second year retention rate of first time full-time freshmen is 80%, four-year graduation rate is 25% and six-year graduation rate is 54%.

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