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Resources for Faculty Led Research

Infrastructure to Support Faculty-Led Research

The campus has partnered with the National Research Platform (NRP), a science-driven high-capacity data-centric “freeway system” on a large regional scale. The CSUSB ITS Division has established a Data Transfer Node for the University’s network to connect to resources on the NRP. Through this partnership and infrastructure on Campus, CSUSB is able to accommodate high performance and high throughput computing from several grant funded programs in Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Cyber Security and Water Resources Institute.

For example, here is an URL to access a powerful machine ( multiple cores – multiple GPUs – 256 GB ) that is installed with MetaShape / PhotoScan software to render 3D imagining that one of our faculty is using. To access, provide a credential at the MetaShape website

If your research of any kinds needs a power processing, please let us know. We and NRP scientists will assist you in setting up a high performance machine for your research. Besides, the NRP membership, as a campus champion, we can directly provide you an access to XSEDE, a supper computing environment

California State University San Bernardino is one of the eight CSU Campuses has been upgraded to a 100 Gig link to California Research and Education Network (CalREN) operated by CENIC. One of the reasons CSUSB was chosen for this upgrade was its focus on supporting faculty led research.

If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, please see our High Performance Computing Initiative web page.