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Notification - Change to Adobe Creative Cloud's Deleted File Retention

Tuesday, April 25, 2023 - 12:39pm

ITS was made aware that Adobe will be implementing a new policy for deleted items in Creative Cloud. Per Adobe, starting June 4, 2023, files that are deleted will only be retained for 30 days. Files older than 30 days will be permanently deleted. Below is the email provided by Adobe which also contains next steps.

Dear Valued Customer, 

In order to optimize your cloud storage capacity, Adobe is implementing a new process for deleted files in Creative Cloud storage. Starting June 4, 2023, newly deleted files will be retained for 30 days and then permanently removed. Deleted files stored for over 30 days in the Deleted folder prior to this date will also be permanently removed. You may not see these changes right away. 

Here’s what to do next: 
•    Review all files in your Deleted folder and recover those you wish to keep.
•    Permanently delete files on your own to recover storage quota here [].
•    Do nothing and the new process will begin to manage retention of your deleted files.
Adobe’s Customer Support organization is available to answer any questions. Please contact them here []. 

Creative Cloud Services Team

Thank you,
MPP Signature

Brandon Sierra
Assistant Director, Technology Support Center
(909) 537-3476

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How do I activate myCoyote account?

When attempting to activate your myCoyote account please note the following common mistakes:

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Further step-by-step instructions can be found by visiting the myCoyote - Account Activation knowledge article. If after following the instructions you are still experiencing issues, please call the Technology Support Center at (909) 537-7677.

How do I activate or reactivate DUO on my mobile device?

To activate DUO for the first time please follow the step-by-step instructions by visiting the Duo Multi-Factor Authentication Set Up: A Step by Step Guide knowledge article.  *NOTE: Once started the setup process must be completed in one sitting.

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To reactivate DUO on a new mobile device with a new phone number please call the Technology Support Center at (909) 537-7677.

What do I do if I don’t see my classes in Canvas?

If you have just registered for a course, please wait 24 hours for it to be available in Canvas. If 24 hours has passed and the course is still not visible, please reference this IT help article on Course Availability on Canvas. If the problem persists after taking these steps, please call 909-537-7677 for assistance.

How do I obtain a myCoyote OneCard?

Please follow the detailed directions for submitting a Coyote Photo on a Computer or submitting a Coyote Photo on a Mobile Device. For a digital ID card, reference the articles on Downloading the Digital Coyote OneCard and Using the Digital Coyote OneCard

A physical OneCard can be obtained by coming to PL 1108 Mon-Sat from 8 am to 5 pm.  You will need to know your ID number and you will need to have a form of identification, such as a driver’s license, California ID, or passport.

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I am an alumni and my @CoyoteMail has been disabled

Student email accounts ( expire one year after a student graduates. Please reference our Email Accounts for Graduated Students IT help article for detailed instructions on how to request an alumni email account, transfer your emails and files, setting up forwarding and setting up automated replies from your former student account.