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Undocumented Student Success Center

Mission Statement

To create a welcoming, dynamic resource environment for our undocumented student population and to provide a safe place where AB540 allies and other persons with a common interest for underserved populations can congregate, exchange ideas and provide support to one another and their students.


The Undocumented Student Success Center (USSC) opened its doors on November 5th, 2015, becoming the 4th in the CSU system to establish such a center. The USSC was established with the objective to serve the undocumented student population on the CSUSB campus. The center serves as a commons space for students and allies to connect with each other about issues regarding immigration, AB 540, employment opportunities, and much more. The center was created as a centered location where resources and assistance can be easily accessible to the undocumented community.  The center has also hosted multiple informational workshops related to our undocumented students and for our on and off campus community.