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Digital Certificates

Certificate Requests

Procedures for obtaining digital certificates for individuals and servers.


Server certificates are the most common type of certificate, typically used for secure (https://) websites. The information security office reviews certificate requests before approval.

Request a InCommon server certificate

  • Unlimited, globally-recognized SSL Certificates are provided to CSU San Bernardino through the InCommon Certification Authority.
  • For technical details on the steps necessary to create a CSR, visit Sectigo's CSR generation knowledgebase.
  • If you have questions, please contact


InCommon Personal Certificates are available. Please contact to request a personal certificate.

InCommon Client Certificate Chain

Some programs and devices, like the iPad, require installing each of the following certificates before an InCommon client certificate can be used for authentication.  (NOTE: These are not the same certs used for server certificate chains.)

Remove the "AddTrust External CA Root" (expired 5/30/2020) certificate if you see it in your certificate store.