Faculty Center for Excellence


Welcome to the Faculty Center for Excellence

The CSUSB Faculty Center for Excellence (FCE) provides coherent and comprehensive support for faculty to reach their personal and professional goals in the areas of research, scholarship, and creative activities; teaching; community engagement; and leadership. Using workshops, video presentations, and individualized services, we work with faculty to develop their talent and advance their outcomes, processes, and engagement with CSUSB students, their careers, and the University. Our ultimate goal is to provide a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment where our faculty can host training events, seek professional development, partake in educational activities to collaborate and grow. The FCE works closely with various centers and departments across the University to fullfill its mission. 

This being said, the FCE, located in PL-4005, welcomes all faculty to make use of this excellent recourse provided for you. Check out a laptop from one of the student assistants to catch up on research, grading, or project development. Grab a complimentary cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the San Bernardino Mountains. No matter your goals as a faculty member, CSUSB cares about providing the space and the tools to foster excellence. 

Please note that our office is staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Faculty Center for Excellence Staff

Faculty Center for Excellence Co-Directors

  • Cynthia Crawford, Associate Provost for Academic Research,
  • Jo Anna Grant, Ph.D, Director of the Teaching Research Center,
  • Diane Podolske, Faculty Associate for the Office of Community Engagement,

Co-Director Office Hours

Academic Research

  • Cynthia Crawford - By appointment only

Community Engagement

  • Diane Podolske - By appointment only

Teaching Resource Center

  • Jo Anna Grant, Ph.D - By appointment only

For more information, contact us at, or phone number: (909)-537-7684.