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Computerized Information Access (CIA) Request

Office of Compliance Initiatives (OCI)

OCI oversees the process and implementation of CIA request forms. Contact OCI for any questions or concerns regarding the CIA process. Depending on the access requested, CIA forms require approvals from many university departments. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response. 


Phone: (909) 537-5547

Computerized Information Access (CIA) Request

The CIA Request form documents, monitors, and manages access to enterprise resources like PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, Human Resources, or Common Financial Systems, and other information systems, like OnBase Document Repository. CIA Requests are required when new access is needed or people transfer from one department to another. 

The CIA Request form is processed using OnBase Workflow by:

  • Obtaining MPP approval
  • Documenting Security Administrator authorization
  • Ensuring compliance with required training(s)

Submitting CIA Requests

Each college, division, and unit has designated individuals who are authorized to create CIA Requests on your behalf. Check to see if your department has a designated CIA delegate in our CIA Delegate Master List. If your department is not listed, ask your AA/S or administrative support personnel.

Resources - Instructional Guides

Additional assistance is found in these guides:

CIA Delegate Guide The CIA Delegate Guide provides "how tos" with screen shots, Frequently asked questions and more.

CIA Delegate Master ListSpreadsheet listing the CIA delegates for university departments. 

CIA Component and Training List Spreadsheet containing component descriptions, requirements, and security administrators.

MPP CIA Approval Guide This short guide shows MPPs how to approve CIA Requests.

CIA Security Admin Approval GuideShort PDF Document with instructions for security administrators.


CIA Request Requirements

Training Requirements

All components require Data Security & FERPA Training. This training is automatically assigned to all employees (including staff, faculty, and student assistants) via CSULearn approximately 3-4 days from their start date. If you have any questions regarding this training, please contact the CSULearn team at 

Many components require additional trainings, please contact ITS Training Services at for registration information or any additional questions.

Additional Paperwork Requirements

The following components require additional paperwork: 

  • Absence Management - Timekeeper
  • Absence Management - Approver
  • Master Pay Warrant Authorization (MPWA)
  • ProCard 
  • Requisition - Requester
  • Requisition - Approver

Please refer to the CIA Component and Training List to ensure the correct paperwork is completed.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit my own CIA form?

No- there are delegated individuals in each area/department/college who are trained on how to submit CIA forms on your behalf. They are called CIA Delegates.

How do I become a CIA Delegate?

In order to become a CIA Delegate, the appropriate administrator/dean/supervisor is required to submit a Cherwell ticket to requesting the addition of CIA Delegate permissions

I’m not sure what access I need. How do I find this out?

Speak to your appropriate administrator/dean/supervisor to determine what access is needed to complete your specific job tasks.

What does ‘mirroring’ mean?

If your access should ‘mirror’ someone, this means your delegate will need to select the exact same access components for you as the previous individual. If your CIA delegate is not aware of who that is, contact our team by emailing

What if I have incorrect or incomplete access after a request is completed?

Please clear your browser cache and log back into MyCoyote and try again. If you are still experiencing issues, email

I already have access to a certain module in PeopleSoft, but I need more/less. How do I get that?

Please work with your CIA delegate to determine what is needed and have them submit a Cherwell ticket to

What happens when someone goes on temporary or permanent leave of absence, or temporary reassignment?

When such an event occurs, supervisors must notify human resources and email with the name, employee ID, include start and end dates of absence. The Security Administrator will revoke the appropriate access and notify the Supervisor upon completion. These actions are done because Supervisors are responsible for protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information for personnel transferred to other positions, granted temporary or permanent leave of absence, or terminated from employment. 

To reinstate access, returning personnel will need to submit a new CIA Request form.

How do I remove an employee’s access completely?

The individual’s appropriate administrator/dean/supervisor must submit a Cherwell ticket to to grant authorization to remove the access.


OCI Team Contacts
Name Title Email
Muriel Lopez-Wagner Chief Data Officer
Annel Martin Compliance Initiatives Lead Specialist
Jessica Garcia  Compliance Analyst/Specialist
Stephanie Garcia Compliance Analyst/Specialist
Dee Bowen Compliance Analyst/Specialist
Lonelle Minesinger Information Technology Consultant