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Computer Lab Printing

CSUSB offers printing services in several college computer labs, the library, and in some administrative areas. Students can use their Coyote OneCard to pay for print jobs. To add money to the Coyote OneCard, students can visit one of the multiple Cash Value Machines located on campus, as well as use their MyCoyote portal for credit card payment.


To view all Cash Value Machine locations and usage instructions visit our Knowledge Article: Adding Money to your OneCard via a Cash Value Machine.

For a complete list of our Go-Print locations please see the following:

San Bernardino Campus

  • College of Business and Public Administration Jack H. Brown (Room # JB-123)

    • 1 Black and White printer
    • 1 Color Printer
  • College of Education (Room# CE-205)

    • 1 Black and White Printer
  • Liberal Studies (Room# CE-114)

    • 1 Black and White Printer
  • Health Sciences (Room# HP-101)

    • 1 Black and White Printer.
  • The library (Reference Desk Computer Lab)

    • 3 Black and White Printers
    •  1 Color Printer
  • The Wedge (Room# PL-1109)

    • 2 Black and White Printers
    • 1 Color
  • Chemical Sciences (Room# CS-333)

    • 1 Black and  White Printer
  • San Manuel Student Union (Cross Cultural Center Room#- SU-102)

    • 1 Black and White Printer

Palm Desert Campus

  • Library (Room# PDC HS-103)

    • 1 Black and White Printer
  • Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Building (Room# RG-215)

    • 1 Black and White Printer

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is available at each GoPrint location throughout the campus via the GoPrint Cloud website. Your print job will be displayed at the nearest GoPrint release station to the printer you selected. In order to print your job(s), all you have to do is select your Coyote ID number on the station, select the job(s) you wish to print, and either swipe your physical Coyote ID or scan your mobile ID for payment.

Access the GoPrint Cloud Website

Adding Money to Coyote OneCard

Each CSUSB student, staff and faculty is given a Coyote ID Card which can be used for payment at each Go-Print location. Each member of the campus community has the option to add money to their OneCard account via our Cash Value Machines or via MyCoyote.