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Office of the Registrar

Welcome to the Office of the Registrar

We offer information and various online services to students, staff and faculty of CSUSB.  You will find important dates & deadlines as well as links to all our key service areas.  Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team regarding any of our services. 

Need more information or have additional questions?  View the Registrar's FAQ's webpage.  Have questions for our campus partners?  Scroll down for quick links to Financial Aid and Student Financials,.  

Important Dates & Deadlines *
Day / Date Description
June, 15th-21 10W instructor & Chair signature required to add course
June, 20th Summer 10W CENSUS; Last day to add or drop w/o record of enrollment (no W grade)
June, 21st Summer 6W1 Last Day to Petition to Drop from a Class or Classes
June, 27th Fall Late Registration Begins ($25.00 late fee applies)
June, 28th  Summer 6W1 Last Day of Classes
June, 29th-30th Summer 6W1 Finals
July 1st-4th  Campus Closed; Independence Day Observed
July 5th Summer 6W1 Grades are due
July 6th Summer Refund Deadline for 6W2 Session
July 7th  Summer 6W2 Session Waitlist Period End

* View the complete list of Important Dates

Mission Statement

The Office of the Registrar is committed to helping our students meet their degree objectives. By building positive working relationships with our students and providing quality services, we lead them through their academic careers today for successful professions tomorrow.

"Empowering our students to become tomorrow's professionals."

Commitment to Service

To ensure that we help assist you more effectively, please make sure you clearly identify your first and last name, your student ID number, and your coyote email address when leaving either a voice or e-mail message.  Send us your emails with your questions or inquiries regarding any of our services:

Class Registration, Class Permissions, Class Drops or Withdrawals, email us

CSUSB transcripts, Grade Forgiveness, Return from a Leave of Absence, email us

Transfer credits, PAWS reports, Grad Checks, Change of Major/Minor, Concurrent Enrollment, email us

Need in person Registrar services?  Head over to UH-171 lobby and we would be happy to assist you.



The function of the records unit consists of many different processes that affect a student's university record. These processes include, name changes, grade discounts for repeated courses...

CSUSB Transcripts


The function of the registration unit consists of promoting quarterly registration periods, assisting in the registration process, MyCoyote navigation, withdrawal from the university, petitions to add...

Adding a Class


The function of the evaluations unit consists of evaluating graduation requirements, credits from other transfer institutions, concurrent enrollments, change of majors, adding minors, processing certificate...

Change of Major


Articulation refers to how transfer units (for courses or external tests like AP and IB) or transfer programs (like the Associate Degrees for Transfer) are used to meet program requirements at CSUSB. 


Additional Support

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Meet Our Student Paraprofessionals

In recognition of the excellent student services they provide, a special shout out to our office Paraprofessionals, Julie, and Sergio, who continue to support and provide services with integrity, compassion and respect.  Your support and assistance in meeting the needs of CSUSB students has meant so much!  We can't thank you enough for all you do, every day!   You definitely shine bright!

Julie Marie Hernandez
Julie Marie Hernandez
Degree in progress : B.S. in Health Service Administration