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Telecommute Essentials

How to Access My Voicemail from Off-Campus

  1. Dial (909) 537-7900
  2. Enter your ID (Your personal 5-digit extension), press #
  3. Enter your password (your personal voice mail password), press #

Unity Voicemail Reference Guide

How to Turn On an Alternate Greeting

  1. Dial (909) 537-7900
  2. Enter User ID (Phone extension)
  3. Enter password for that extension
  4. Press 4 for setup options
  5. Press 1 for greetings
  6. Press 2 to turn on your alternate greeting
  7. To set an end date press 1
  8. To set an end date for later that day press 0
  9. Enter time to turn the alt greeting off then press #
  10. For AM press 1 and for PM press 2
  11. The recording that callers will hear until the end time you choose is played, it will then revert to the standard greeting on that box. To re-record this greeting press 1
  12. Press * to exit

How To Get Software

The Technology Support Center provides software for Students, Faculty & Staff. Additional software can be found on the Faculty & Staff Software page and the Student Software Page. If you have any questions about software, please contact the Technology Support Center at (909) 537-7677 or

How To Check Your Network Setting

Your work computer network setting may be unique to the CSUSB network. If it is set up with a static IP address and not a dynamic/automatic IP address, then your computer will not work off-campus. The following procedures will guide you through how to check and change the network setting on your work computer in order for it to work at home.


Step 1:  In the box search box next to the Windows Start Menu, type in Ethernet Settings

Windows 10 Network Setting

Step 2:  Click on the Ethernet settings option in the list

Step 3: Click on the network connection that shows connected

Windows 10 Network Setting

Step 4:  If the your IP Assignment setting is set to Manual, then you will need to follow Step 5 to change your setting in order for the computer to work offsite.

Windows 10 Ethernet Setting

If the box shows “Automatic (DHCP)” then settings do not need changing

Windows 10 Ethernet Setting

Step 5:  If your computer's IP assignment is not configured to Automatic (DHCP), you will have to change it to Automatic (DHCP), 

NOTE: Please remember to write down what you IP Assignment is prior to changing it. Please also notify your technician.

Changing Windows 10 Ethernet Setting