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Wireless Network (WiFi) Access at CSUSB

eduroam Campus Wireless Network (WiFi)

IT Services installs, maintains and operates the CSUSB wireless network and ensures that all wireless services deployed on campus adhere to CSUSB standards for performance, security and access control. We operate nearly 1000 wireless access points across campus that connect on average 60,000 devices per week.

How to Connect

To connect to eduroam, enter your username/password in the following format:

Username: (*NOTE: This is not your email address)
Password: Your CSUSB Password

Detailed instructions on how to configure your devices can be found in our knowledgebase. Please contact the Technology Support Center at (909) 537-7677 or by email at for assistance.

What is eduroam?

eduroam (education roaming) is the secure worldwide federated network access service developed for the international research and education community. This secure, wireless network is available to CSUSB students, faculty and staff. The benefit of connecting to the eduroam network is the ability to access the Internet at other participating institutions globally. To learn more about the benefits of using eduroam, and to see the list of other participating institutions, visit the eduroam website.

Visitor/Guest Wireless Network

CSUSB provides campus visitors and guests limited internet access (up to 4 hours per session) through a self-registration portal, much like any public internet hotspots (e.g. Starbucks, airports, hotels, etc.). The CSUSB-Visitor network is an unsecure limited-bandwidth network with only access to web traffic and is not recommended for campus users’ daily use.

Housing Wireless Network

CSUSB housing residents have access to the same wireless network as campus. Devices such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming media devices (e.g. AppleTV, Roku, etc) may need to be pre-registered in order to connect to the housing network. Wired devices should connect to the B port in the bedrooms. Wireless devices should connect to the CSUSB-Devices network. Visit the Housing and Residential Education website to register these devices.

Installing and operating unauthorized wireless routers and access points on campus is strictly prohibited. All requests for the deployment and use of a wireless network must be approved by the Information Security & Emerging Technologies Office before the deployment of the wireless network. ISO will ensure that procedures and safeguards have been established to prevent the unauthorized use of the wireless network. Also, ISO will confirm that the proposed wireless network will not expose the campus to potential security compromises and privacy violations. All campus wireless networks are goverened by the campus policy on wireless networks.