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Discharges are non-voluntary separations from service such as Layoff, Termination of Temporary Appointment, Dismissal, and Rejection during Probation / Non-Retention. Please see below for the discharge process workflow

Discharge Process
  1. Supervisor meets with an HR Representative to discuss the situation.
    • Discharge Notification - It is important to include the effective date of termination, as well as the last day of actual work, especially if the employee is given Administrative Leave w/pay.
      • Permanent Employees: Notification Letter is prepared by an HR Representative.
      • Temporary Employees: If a Notification Letter will be provided, it is prepared by the Department Supervisor or Designee.
  2. HR Representative provides HR Analyst with a copy of the Notification Letter to process a Termination Transaction in the system.
  3. HR Analyst advises the Benefits Analyst.
  4. Department's Attendance Clerk balances accruals with the Payroll Designee, completes the Pink Separating Timesheet and submits it to Payroll.
  5. Payroll processes transaction in the SCO system. Once the pay has been generated, the Pay Warrant is provided to the Supervisor or HR Representative.
  6. Department Supervisor or designee picks up a Separating Packet from the Human Resources Department. Depending on the employee's type of appointment, the packet may consist of the following forms:
    • Separating Attendance
    • Staff Clearance Form
    • Separation from CalPERS (Benefit Eligible Employees only)
    • UCRS Contribution Plan Distribution Kit (Hourly Employees only)
    • COBRA Benefits Notification Form (Benefit Eligible Employees only)
    • Exit Interview Form
  7. Supervisor meets with the employee and advises him/her that he/she is been discharged. Supervisor provides employee with final Pay Warrant and the Separating Packet/Documents.
    • If employee is not willing to do the Clearance Process, the Supervisor collects all the University Property from the employee and informs HR of the Employee's unwillingness to do Clearance Process.
  8. Supervisor or department designee takes the Clearance Form around campus to return property and obtain signatures.
  9. Supervisor or department designee submits the completed Clearance Form for the Human Resources Department.
  10. Benefits Analyst is advised to mail out COBRA notification for eligible employees.

Note: Per AB 2410, which amended Section 220 of the Labor Code, an employee who is discharged must be paid wages earned and accrued benefits (vacation, CTO, personal holiday, etc.) immediately.