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Employee Relations

The Human Resources department has several responsibilities, which are all dedicated to helping Cal State San Bernardino be the best workplace possible.  We are responsible for ensuring that the University is in compliance with the Collective Bargaining Agreements which cover over 95% of our employees.  This requires providing training and information to the administration to prevent grievances and bringing resolution to grievances when they are filed.  Additionally, Human Resources department is responsible for addressing employee relations issues.  This allows the University to be a respectful, efficient, and enjoyable work environment.  We are responsible for HR Compliance activities such as Conflict of Interest and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.  We also conduct investigations into complaints of discrimination and harassment when reported.  And we help bring resolution to complaints which are filed with external agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Employee Relations Related Responsibilities

  • Interpreting, applying and providing counsel and advice to a variety of campus constituents regarding the provisions of faculty and staff collective bargaining unit agreements, the Higher Education Employee-Employer Relations Act (HEERA), Education Code, University Practice Directives and Guidelines, Executive Orders and technical guidance provided through the Office of the Chancellor, and State and Federal laws and regulations with respect to matters outlined above
  • Providing counsel, advice, and conflict resolution with respect to work related difficulties, including the resolution of grievances and complaints under the collective bargaining unit agreements and employment related litigation
  • Enhancing the ability of CSUSB administrators to accomplish organizational goals
  • Fostering the skills, attitudes and behaviors that respond to the needs of the organization