Life Insurance

CSU-Paid Life Insurance

The CSU offers employer-paid basic term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance to eligible employees. This insurance is underwritten by Standard Insurance Company. The amount of coverage varies based on employee category

Employee Category Policy Class Number Basic Term Life Coverage AD&D Coverage

Executive (M98)

Class 1



Management (M80)

Class 2



Confidential (C99)

Class 3



Faculty (R03)

Class 4



Teaching Associates Only (R11)

Class 5



Academic Professionals (R04)

Class 6



Public Safety (R08)

Class 7



CSUEU (R02, 05, 07, 09)

Class 8



Physicians (R01)

Class 9



  • CSU pays the entire premium.
  • First $50,000 is tax-free.
    • Life insurance over $50,000 income tax impact on employee based on amount over $50,000 and employee's age. .
  • Executives and MPP employees who have employer-paid life insurance in excess of $50,000 are subject to imputed income tax liability. For details regarding the amount of imputed income subject to tax, or if you wish to irrevocably waive the employer-paid life insurance above $50,000, please contact the Human Resources Department at extension 75143.

The Standard's basic term life and AD&D insurance plan contains a number of enhanced coverage features including:

  • Waiver of premium for disabled employees
  • Limited portability,
  • Living death benefit,
    • This benefits allows employees who are diagnosed with a terminal illness to receive up to fifty percent of their term life insurance death benefit.

Voluntary Employee-Paid Life Insurance

The CSU offers employee-paid voluntary life insurance through the Standard Life Insurance Company to all eligible employees. Employees may purchase protection for themselves and eligible family members including spouse/domestic partner and dependent children:

  • Employee coverage range: $10,000-$1,500,000
  • Spouse or domestic partner coverage range: $10,000-$750,000
  • Coverage for children: $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000 (all your children must be insured for the same amount)

New employees qualify for the Guarantee Issue amount if the application is submitted within 60 days of employment. Under the Guarantee Issue provision, employees may apply (without answering medical questions) for coverage up to:

  • $150,000 for themselves
  • $50,000 for their spouses/domestic partners
  • $20,000 for each child

Amounts in excess of the Guarantee Issue, may be selected, however, evidence of insurability is required.

The Standard Insurance Company

Medex Travel Assistance

Medex Travel Assist is the newest feature of the CSU basic term life insurance coverage. It was designed to provide important resources, including pre-travel assistance, arrangement of medical and/or legal care while traveling, and evaluation services. Additional details of this benefit are outlined in the Medex Travel Assist brochure.

CalPERS Death Benefit

The benefits payable depend on a number of factors such as the member's age, years of service, eligible beneficiary, and whether or not the employee was eligible to retire at the time of death (age 50 with at least five years of service credit).

Death Benefits for employees not eligible to retire (under age 50 or age 50 with less than five (5) years of CalPERS service credit are:

  • Six months pay (50% of employee's earnable pay for the 12 months preceeding their death);
  • Refund of employee contributions and interest through date of death; and
  • Lump sum $5,000 group term life insurance.

Death Benefits for employees Eligible to retire are:

  • In addition to the $5,000 group term life insurance, employee's spouse (if married for more than one year) has the option of electing a monthly allowance rather than the refund of contributions and six months pay.
    • The monthly allowance is payable to the spouse until death, and upon the death of the spouse, the benefit continues to any natural or adopted unmarried children under age 18.
  • Medical and dental insurance will continue if the spouse was enrolled at the time of the employee's death and is eligible for a monthly allowance from CalPERS.

CalPERS will send information and the necessary forms shortly after a death is reported. The information on the completed forms serves as the formal application to receive payable death or survivor benefits.

Social Security Survivor Benefits

When a person who has worked and paid Social Security taxes dies, certain members of the family may be eligible for survivors' benefits. Up to 10 years of work is needed to be eligible for benefits, depending on the person's age at the time of death.

Social Security Survivor Benefits can be paid to:

  • A widow/widower - full benefits at full retirement age (currently age 65) or reduced benefits as early as age 60.
  • A disabled widow/widower (as early as age 50).
  • A widow/widower at any age, if he or she takes care of the deceased's child who is under age 16 or disabled, and receiving Social Security benefits.
  • Unmarried children under 18 or up to age 19, if they are attending high school full time.
  • Under certain circumstances, benefits can be paid to stepchildren, grandchildren or adopted children.
  • Children at any age who were disabled before age 22 and remain disabled.
  • Dependent parents age 62 or older.

Social Security Survivor Benefits Online