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Catastrophic Leave

A catastrophic illness or injury totally incapacitates the employee from work. A catastrophic illness or injury may also include an incapacitated member of the employee's immediate family if it results in the employee's need to take time off for an extended period of time in order to care for the family member. You must be on an approved leave to be eligible to receive donations. Please refer to Family Medical Leave section. The campus will make the determination on a case by case basis.

  • You must have exhausted all accrued leave credits (sick leave, vacation, compensatory time off, overtime, etc.) to be eligible to receive catastrophic leave.
  • If eligible for NDI, catastrophic leave can only supplement the NDI; NDI cannot be waived.
  • If total donations received are less than amount needed, no subsidy will be processed. Only donation amounts received that supplement the entire period will be processed.
  • The total donated leave credits you may receive cannot exceed three calendar months from the first day of catastrophic leave. In exceptional cases, an additional three calendar months may be approved. 

Requesting Catastrophic Leave:

  • Please contact the HR Benefits Department at 909-537- 5143 to schedule an appointment to receive and discuss necessary paperwork  

Donating Catastrophic Leave Credits:

  • Fill out the Catastrophic Leave Form which is emailed to the Campus list-serve.
  • Make donations to employees whose catastrophic leave request has been approved.
  • You may donate up to 40 hours of your accrued vacation or sick leave credits per fiscal year. Please refer to the Leaves of Absence With Pay Article of your CBA.
  • Donated leave credits may not necessarily be deducted in the same calendar or fiscal year that the form is signed.
  • Leave credits are transferred in the order pledged on the Catastrophic Donation Form and are not deemed donated until transferred by Payroll to the recipient.
  • Donated leave credits are irrevocable.