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Benefits Eligibility

Benefit eligible employees have 60 days from their hire date to enroll in benefits.

  • Staff, Teaching Associates & Tenured Faculty (or Tenure Track), and Management Personnel Plan (MPP) employees are eligible for benefits if appointed half-time or more for a period of six (6) months and a day or more.
  • Lecturers appointed based on the Academic Year (AY) calendar or 1 semester for .40 FTE or 6.0 WTU’s are eligible for benefits.  Coaches appointed based on an AY must be .50 FTE or greater to be eligible.
  • Employees appointed on an hourly, intermittent basis do not qualify for benefits.
  • An enrolled employee may carryover coverage into a position with an appointment of less than 6 months as long as the time base is half-time or more (.4 for lecturers/ academic-year calendar), and there is no break in service in excess of a full pay period or more. The coverage will continue indefinitely when subsequent appointments of less than 6 months apply, as long as the time base does not fall below half time (.4 for lecturers/ academic-year calendar), there are no breaks of a full pay period or more, and the appointment is a salaried position.

Note: Eligibility for retirement plan membership in the California Public Employees' Retirement System differs from the eligibility for health benefits. See the Retirement Plans section of this site for more information.