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Sick Leave


  • Full-time employees accrue eight hours of sick leave per month.
  • Part-time employees accrue on a pro rata basis.
  • Employees must receive 11 days of pay in a pay period to accrue sick leave credits for that month.
  • Sick leave credits may not be used prior to their accrual, which occurs on the first day of the following pay period.
  • There is no maximum accrual for sick leave.
  • Unused sick leave may be converted into service credit at retirement in accordance with CalPERS guidelines.
  • There is no limitation on how many hours can be converted into service credit.

Usage of Leave

  • Employees are responsible for reporting their absences to the appropriate administrator as soon as possible in compliance with department policies.
  • An employee may be required to provide a physician's statement or other appropriate verification for absences (not normally required for absences of three or fewer consecutive days). Make sure to check your CBA.
  • The use of sick leave may be authorized by the appropriate administrator for the following absences:
    • Employee's own illness, injury or disability.
    • Employee's own dental, eye and/or other physical/medical/mental examination or treatments by a licensed practitioner.
    • Illness, injury or disability of an immediate family member (close relative, domestic partner or other person residing in the immediate household of the employee, except domestic employees, roomers or roommates).
    • Primarily for emergency situations.
    • Bereavement (possibly up to 40 hours) can be used for the death of an immediate family member once employer paid bereavement leave is exhausted. Make sure to check your CBA for limitations/details.

Extension of Sick Leave

  • The appropriate administrator may authorize unpaid sick leave, and/or the use of vacation, personal holiday or CTO for an employee who has exhausted accumulated sick leave.

Note: Where there is a conflict with the collective bargaining agreement and the above summary, the collective bargaining agreement prevails.