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Benefit Enrollment Changes

Enrollment Changes

Employees are allowed to make changes to their benefits during the year if a "major qualifying event" occurs. To request a change in benefits due to a "major qualifying event," employees must complete a Benefits Enrollment Worksheet and submit it to HR Benefits within 60 days of the event

If you need to make changes to your current benefit elections, you will need to log in to the myCoyote portal. To get started, click the "My Employment" tile within the portal then click the “Benefits Worksheet” tile. Access the portal on or after September 21st to request Change Enrollment for mid-year changes if you recently experienced a major qualifying event listed under Enrollment Changes.  For optimal viewing, access the portal using Chrome or Firefox

Please review the Benefits Worksheet User Guide for further instructions on how to fill out the electronic Benefits Worksheet.

Please review the Benefits Worksheet Tutorial for further instructions on completing the electronic Benefits Worksheet

Major qualifying events includes:

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  • Marriage or Domestic Partnership
  • Divorce or Domestic Partnership Dissolution
  • Birth or Adoption of a Child
  • Custody Change
  • Loss/Gain of Coverage
  • Death of a Family Member 
  • Dependent Moved out of the Household*
  • Loss/Gain of Economic Dependence for Child*
  • Dependent enters Military Service*

*Other events that warrant a change to the employee's benefits 

Transferring Personal Information with MoveIt

If you need to send additional personal information (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) after you complete your Benefits Worksheet, follow the instructions below to access MOVEit to securely transmit your information.

File Folder

MoveIt Instructions

  1. Log in to MyCoyote
  2. Go to Collaborate
  3. Go to MOVEit
  4. Select Send Package
  5. Enter in To
  6. Enter Benefit Change in Subject
  7. Add a brief description of what your benefit change is
  8. Upload supporting documentation (marriage or birth certificate, Social Security card, proof of residence, etc.)
  9. Under Options check Delivery Receipts
  10. Click Send