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Leave of Absence without Pay

A full-time employee or part-time permanent employee may be granted a full or partial leave of absence without pay for up to one (1) year for the following purposes/reasons:

  • loan of an employee to another governmental agency
  • family leave
  • outside employment that would lessen the impact of a potential layoff
  • temporary incapacity due to illness/injury or periods of disability related to pregnancy
  • student teaching, as required for employees enrolled in credential programs
  • other satisfactory reasons

If you are requesting a Leave of Absence WITHOUT pay, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact your manager and discuss your intent to request a leave of absence without pay. The request must be submitted in writing by submitting the Request for Leave of Absence without Pay and include the following details:
    • reason for the request
    • start date and end date of the request
  2. Department Manager MUST discuss the leave with designated Human Resources Manager to review employee eligibility. Department Manager will then discuss eligibility with the employee directly.
    • The authorizations necessary for approval of the leave include the following:
      1. Manager
      2. Next level MPP (If applicable)
      3. AVP/Director/Dean
      4. Vice President
      5. Human Resources
    •  The timelines for each step of the authorization process are as follows:
    • Timelines for each step of the authorization process
      Step Department/Authority Timeline for Processing
      1 Manager 5 days from date of request
      2 Next Level MPP (if applicable) 5 days from date of request
      3 AVP / Director / Dean 10 days from date of request
      4 Vice President 10 days from receipt of request
      5 Human Resources 10 days from receipt of request
    • The deadline for a response to be given to the employee is 45 days from date of request.
  3. If an employee would like to extend the leave he/she must make the request in writing to his/her Department Manager within 45 days or prior to the end of the original leave request. The process described in section 2 will then be followed again, and the employee's Department Manager will inform him/her of the extension request.
  4. If the employee requests to return prior to the scheduled end of the leave he/she must make the request in writing to his/her supervisor and the process described in section 2 above will be followed.
  5. If the Leave of Absence is approved, please contact the HR Benefits Department to discuss benefit continuation.
    • An employee on a Leave without Pay for more than one full pay period may elect to continue his/her fringe benefits at his/her expense.
    • For leaves under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), CSU benefit plan contributions for health, dental and vision shall continue for a maximum of 12 weeks.