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Health & Safety

It is the policy of the California State University, San Bernardino to ensure a safe work environment by having employees monitor the health and safety aspects of their jobs, take preventative measures to avoid injury and follow basic safety rules.

All employees are responsible for following common safety practices to protect themselves and their fellow employees from work-related injuries and illnesses. The prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses is of primary importance. To achieve this, health and safety responsibilities must be equally shared by employees and their supervisors.

Employees are responsible for:

  1. Following prescribed work procedures and comply with all health and safety standards, rules, regulations and orders adopted for employee protection;
  2. Reporting unsafe conditions to their supervisors; and
  3. Seeking authorized treatment with a worker's compensation doctor if injured on the job. Every employee is accountable for being conscientious of safety measures while performing his or her job duties.

Supervisors are responsible for:

  1. Conducting regular health and safety inspections on equipment and in their work areas and reporting the results;
  2. Providing necessary safety equipment and protective devices for each job;
  3. Ensuring that subordinates are aware of the prescribed safe procedures and operations of their jobs;
  4. Ensuring that prompt medical treatment is provided for all injuries;
  5. Investigating and providing necessary written reports for work-related accidents and illnesses reported by staff; and
  6. Ensuring that corrective or preventive action is taken when handling reported hazards and accidents.

Through a collaborative effort, CSUSB will be able to provide and maintain facilities conducive to the health and safety of all staff.

For more information, visit the Environmental Health & Safety Department website.