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Critical Illness Insurance

Aflac is designed to pay for a lot of the expenses that are not covered through your medical plan. The plan helps you focus on recuperation instead of the distraction and stress over out-of-pocket costs. With the Critical Illness Plan, you receive cash benefits directly (unless otherwise assigned) giving you the flexibility to help pay bills related to treatment or to help with everyday living expenses.

  • Aflac features the following items:
  • Benefits are paid directly to you unless otherwise assigned
  • Coverage is available for you, your spouse and dependent children
  • Coverage is portable if you change jobs or retire (stipulations may apply)
  • Fast claim payments
  • If you are deemed ineligible due to a previous medical condition, you still retain the ability to purchase spouse coverage.
  • For more information, please visit the Aflac Website or contact them directly at 1-800-433-3036.