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Santos Manuel Student Union

Limited Access Updates for SMSU North and South

Due to unforeseen circumstances the SMSU South first floor will have limited access until repairs are completed.  Updates on facility access will be posted on our website ( and Instagram page (csusb.smsu). 

The Santos Manuel Student Union is excited to announce that the SMSU North first floor is now open to the public. The Coyote Bookstore, game room, social stairs, and lounge spaces will now be open to the public upon reopening. The Habit Grill, Coyote Cantina, and Coyote Lanes will continue to be closed for restorations, but plan to re-open in Spring 2023. 

SMSU South second floor is now also open to the public.  The second floor can be accessed through the SMSU South northwest entrance. Until construction is complete, please refrain from entering the SMSU South first floor. The SMSU Financial Literacy Center and Graduate Student Success Center will be temporarily operating out of room SUS-206 until the first floor is operational.  The Obershaw Den (SUS-224), Office of First Year Experience (SUS-203), and Division of Student Affairs office (SUS-222) are now also operational in SMSU South.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and flexibility as we deal with this unexpected event.  If you have any questions, concerns or need special accommodations please contact us via email (smsu@csusb.ed) or phone (909) 537-7201).


About the SMSU

The Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU) is a focal point of the campus where students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and guests can develop an enduring relationship with campus. Serving as the campus social hub, the SMSU assists in the retention and development of students, while encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural pluralism, gender equity, and ethnic diversity. The SMSU nurtures an environment conducive to personal growth and development through a variety of cultural, social, educational, and recreational activities. Bridging formal learning and life experiences, the SMSU also serves as a training ground for developing student leaders through leadership opportunities and employment that promote an active learning domain.

SMSU Facilities

Functioning as a meeting place on campus, the facilities provide a comfortable and relaxing environment with a multitude of services important for the university community.

SMSU North first and second floors house a variety of services and departments including: Coyote Lanes Bowling Alley, Coyote Cantina, game room, social stairs, CSUSB Bookstore, lounge spaces, The Habit Burger Grill, dining area, an outdoor plaza deck, and our massive 12,000 square foot conference center. Also known as the Student Success floor- the third floor houses: Asian Pacific Islander Center, First Peoples Center, Latinx Center, Pan-African Student Success Center, Osher Adult Re-Entry Center, Queer and Transgender Resource Center, Women’s Resource Center, Associated Students Incorporated (ASI), Office of Student Engagement, Leadership Lab, and 1,000 square feet of study/lounge space.

SMSU South facilities include: a spacious lobby, relaxation and study lounge areas, meeting rooms, a state-of-the-art theater, a multi-purpose Events Center used for major events, Financial Literacy Center, Graduate Student Success Center, Gamers Lounge, and E-Sports Arena.  Other services and departments located within the SMSU are the Coyote Cafe, Obershaw Den, Undocumented Student Success Center, Orientation and First Year Experience, and the Division of Student Affairs Office.


Mission Statement

We, the SMSU and RW, through our programs, services, facilities, and employment opportunities, provide safe and inclusive spaces for CSUSB students, the greater campus, and surrounding areas to foster community, promote wellness, develop leaders, and offer enriching co-curricular experiences.