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Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Information

This site provides information regarding Conflict of Interest in the workplace and disclosures and training required by law.

Political Reform Act of 1974

The Political Reform Act of 1974 requires CSU, as an agency, to adopt and communicate Conflict of Interest (COI) codes. The Act contains a general prohibition against conflicts of interest. Conflict of Interest law seeks to minimize the extent to which public employees pursue their own financial interests at the expense of the public interest.

Under the Act, no CSU employee shall make, participate in making, or attempt to use his or her official position to influence a CSU decision in which he or she has a financial interest. University employees shall not vote, make recommendations, or in any way participate in personnel or financial decisions if such participation constitutes a conflict of interest.


The CSU Conflict of Interest Code requires employees in designated positions to file a  CA Form 700 Statement of Economic Interest  on an annual basis.  Additionally, California State law mandates that employees who must file a Statement of Economic Interest Form (FPPC Form 700), or designated employees, must take an ethics training every two years or within six months of first assuming their designated position. Employees in Designated Positions are likely to encounter decisions where a conflict of interest might arise. The CSU further designates its employees must take a CSU-specific Conflicts of Interest training.

Timeline and Tracking

Each year, completed forms are due to the Human Resources  by April 1, 2020. This year's completed form covers the period of January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019.

Once Human Resources receives all required COI documents, you will receive a confirmation email that you meet your COI filing obligations for the year. 

Nothing to report?

  • Select 2019-2020 Statement of Economic Interests - Form 700 -Cover Page Only
  • Complete the one-page summary, sign (Blue or Black Ink Only) and mail the original to Human Resources - Sierra Hall (SH) Room 110.

 Something to report?

  • If you have something to report, select 2019-2020 Statement of Economic Interests - Form 700
  • Review form instructions, complete the cover page (summary) and appropriate schedules
  • Complete the one-page summary, sign (Blue or Black Ink Only) and mail the original to Human Resources - Sierra Hall (SH) Room 110.

Form 700 Filing Instructions

Different employees have different levels of responsibility for state funds, property, etc. What you need to report on--called a disclosure category--is increased or decreased based on your level of responsibility and potential impact.

  1. Find Your Designated Position determines the CSU Disclosure Categories for which you must report.
    • Find your broad position title and disclosure categories in the Designated Positions list.  See Resources section.
    • Review the CSU Disclosure Categories you've been asked to report on. Only report on those areas.
  2. Complete the portions of the Form 700 and schedules that apply to you.
    • The Form 700 PDF file includes all related instructions, forms and schedules needed. Do not use a previous year’s form.
    • At a minimum, each position needs to complete the Form 700 "Cover Page" which is page 6 of the PDF document. View a sample.
    • Print only the necessary pages – not all 23 pages.
    • If you do not have interests to report for a particular schedule, you do not need to print that schedule. Simply check "No reportable interests" for that schedule on the Cover Page.
    • If you receive multiple notifications to complete a Form 700 due to another designated position you are in, one form can be used for multiple positions held by an individual.
    • Note: The CSU disclosure category numbers are not the same as the Form 700 schedule numbers.
  3. If you are new to the designated position, in Section 3 (Type of Statement), select the Assuming Office box, and enter the date you began the specific duties (i.e., when you received your procurement card, when you began to have fiduciary responsibility, when you received this notice).
    • If you receive multiple notifications to complete a Form 700 due to another designated position you are in, one form can be used for multiple positions held by an individual.
  4. Sign and date the cover page of the Form 700 in blue or black ink.


  1. Frequently Asked Questions: Form 700 Disclosure
  2. Limitations and Restrictions on Gifts, Honoraria, Travel and Loans - Fact Sheet
  3. CSU - Technical Letter - HR/Policy Admin. 2020-01
  4. CSUSB - Designated Positions & Disclosure Categories Listings

Need Help? 

If you have questions or feel a specific position does not meet the COI criteria, please contact Human Resources at Additionally, the CSU has a Form 700 tutorial that summarizes the process. Please select the Form 700 Tutorial to access to the training. 

To learn more about Conflict of Interest, please access Chancellor's Office Human Resource Services website