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Jury Duty

The CSU will continue your salary while you are on jury duty, regardless of length of jury service.

  • When you receive a Jury Summon, notify your supervisor immediately.
  • For each day served, you must submit a Certificate of Jury Service to your supervisor. This certificate will be reviewed when approving absence management and then forwarded to General Accounting.
    • State Court: As a state employee you are prohibited from receiving the daily juror stipend.
    • Federal Court: Your daily juror stipend must be made payable to the CSU and turned into the Bursar's Office located in University Hall 035.
  • You are entitled to keep any travel expenses (i.e., mileage) associated with jury duty service. To receive reimbursement for mileage, you must complete a travel expense claim form.
  • Please review the Guide to Jury Service Website and your Collective Bargaining Agreement for more information.