Total Compensation Calculator

The Total Compensation Calculator - Beyond Salary

The Total Compensation Calculator tool permits you to input your salary and benefit information and the tool will calculate the total California State University (CSU) compensation package for you. This calculator will provide you with the total value of your CSU Compensation Package.

How the Total Compensation Calculator - Beyond Salary Tool Works

You will be asked to respond to a set of benefits and compensation-related questions. If you are unsure which medical and dental plan you are currently enrolled in, you can find out that information on your most recent pay stub under "deductions". Once you input your information, the Total Compensation Calculator will display:

  • the CSU contributions made to each benefit plan,
  • the total value of benefits,
  • the total compensation (salary + benefits), and
  • the total benefits as a percentage of salary.

The total Compensation Calculator also provides the estimated daily value of your paid time off benefits.