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Slack Study Groups

Slack Study Group

To Create a Slack study group, you need to go to the Slack website and create a workspace for your group.

Go to the Slack website main page. Select “Launch Slack” on the right top corner or “ Get started” at the bottom, to create a workspace.

Enter your email address, then click Next. Check your email for a 6-digit confirmation code.

Enter the six-digit code 


Name your workspace and click Next.

Create a new channel for your workspace. Channels organize conversations about any topic, like a project your team is working on.


Add your teammates' email addresses if you're ready to invite others. Otherwise, select skip for now.

Done! Now you have your own workspace with your team. You can download the Slack App on your mobile to collaborate with your team even when you’re away from your desk.



If you already have a workspace or your professor already created a workspace for the whole class, you still can make a team/group channel which is only visible to assigned members.


1. Select “Channel” from the menu bar, then select “Add a channel”



2. Enter a name for your channel. You can choose “Make private” if you want viewed or joined by invitation.

3. To add members by entering their email address.

4. Now, you have a private channel only visible to your project group members. Starting to post the first message in your project channel.


Manage Slack Study Group


  1. Join Channels


  • Click Channel browser in the left sidebar.

  • Select a listed channel, or type a channel name in the search bar.

  • Click Join Channel or press Enter.

  1.  Direct message. 


           There are two ways to start writing new messages in Slack:

  • Click the compose button on the left side bar.

  • Type a message in the message field of any Channel or Direct messages.


  1. Share and access files in Slack

     Share a file in a message

  • If you want to share the original message with the file, hover over the message you’d like to share. If you want to share the stand-alone file, hover over just the file.

  • Click the  Share icon.

  • Choose where to share the file and add a message, if you'd like.

  • Click Share.

      Share a file outside Slack

  • From your desktop, hover over the file you'd like to create a link for.

  • Click the  More actions icon.

  • Select Create external link.

  • Copy the link to your clipboard, then click Done.


     4. Mention a member

 When you want to get the attention of another member when having a conversation in Slack. There are two ways to mention someone, the person you mention will be notified.

  • Choose from a list of members

  • Type an @mention

    5. Turn on the notification 

  • From your desktop, click your workspace name in the top left.

  • Select Preferences from the menu.

  • Then, you can modify your notification status.


    More information please reach to Using Slack