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myCoyote Request

Do you wish you could arrange the tiles within myCoyote any way you wish? You're not alone. We wish you could do that too. Since we aren't there yet, please use this form to suggest a different arrangement, a new name, or even a new tile all together. Keep in mind that the arrangement of tiles that you see is based on your role (student, faculty, staff, applicant or a combination of more than one) and may be different from the arrangement of tiles that others see. 

We will take your suggestions under advisement as we try to improve the user experience with myCoyote.

- Web & Mobile Services

Type of Modification
New Tile Request:

Please give us an idea of a suitable image for your tile. Something that is unique from existing icons. Web Services will select an icon that best matches the tile and fits with the current design of other tile icons.

Which roles should this tile be visible to?
Modify an Existing Tile:

Please be as descriptive as possible with your suggestion for renaming or rearranging existing tiles. This might also include a suggestion for a change to the description of any tile. 

Is this a message or push notification?
What groups should this be visible to?