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California State University San Bernardino

For questions regarding these courses, contact the Staff Development Center at (909) 537-3125 or email


Allows you to receive and place phone calls from your University extension when you are off-campus. To request Jabber, submit a TNS Service Request form.

Learn how to use Microsoft Teams for team collaboration such as video calling, instant messaging, and file sharing.

Utilize this video conferencing service to virtually connect with others, either by audio, video, or both.

A learning management system utilized for professional development and compliance training. Also includesa library of electronic books. Email for any inquiries.

A library of training videos, tutorials, and podcasts covering a wide range of software, technologies, and business topics at no cost to employees.

Organizational membership to access leadership, personal development, and skills-based training opportunities at no cost to CSUSB employees.

LinkedIn Learning

Working from home is a new phenomenon for many professionals. In this course, neuroscience expert and author Amy Brann helps the learner adjust to this new normal by training your brain to overcome disruptions and distractions, accept and get real about emotions, reframe expectations, and preserve relationships.

If your workspace and work routine are unorganized, you may constantly feel like you're behind in your tasks. In this course, organization expert Amy Fritz teaches you how to organize your workspace and perhaps your work environment to get the most done every day.

In this new era of virtual communications, it is essential to train and master the skills of communicating on screen. In this course, leadership coach Jackie Miller shares actionable tools on how to effectively engage with clients, colleagues, and bosses in both virtual and live environments, to an audience of one or many.

Working from home is a wonderful opportunity, but time management can be a challenge. With so many demands on your time and attention, it's a tricky balancing act to stay productive. In this course, author and productivity expert Dave Crenshaw offers best practices for anyone who works full time or occasionally from home. 



When you're in a customer-facing role in a virtual or hybrid work environment and you can't interact with your customers in person, how can you establish rapport, build a relationship, and get them to trust you? In this course, you'll explore the skills and strategies to bridge the virtual divide and find meaningful ways to reach out to customers, strengthen existing customer ties, and build new ones. You'll learn how vital it is to make these human connections.


In this course, you'll learn how presenting virtually can increase your reach and bridge differences, the ways in which presenting virtually is similar to and different from presenting face-to-face, and how to set the virtual stage for sucess. You'll discover behavioral strategies to make virtual presentations come alive, and how to plan your presentations for the unique challenges of remote presenting. And you'll also explore techniques, both technological and personal, that can ensure that every virtual presentation you give is better than the one before.