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Mobile Device Policy

Mobile Device Policy

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on
Approved By: President Karnig on
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on
Approved By: Tomas D. Morales, President on
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on May 4, 2023
Approved By: President Morales on

For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department:
Information Technology Services, 909/537-5100

The campus has seen an influx of mobile devices. Mobile devices may include cellular phones, smartphones, tablets, hotspots, or any such portable device that uses a cellular wireless network for communications. Some of these mobile devices use a public carrier for their network and communication services. The use of such mobile devices for business purposes can be expensive and the decision to incur such costs must be evaluated. This policy clarifies how these devices are selected, purchased, funded and maintained through these public carriers.

Centralization of Mobile Device Public Carrier Contracts

In response to Chancellor's Office's encouragement to all CSU campuses to review their use of above mentioned devices and the incumbent costs, an inventory of all CSUSB provided devices was conducted. In establishing this policy, the university seeks to minimize the costs associated with supporting CSUSB issued mobile devices served by public carriers. This policy takes advantage of the volume purchasing power of the campus.

Criteria and Approval

The administrator identifies qualifying employees and their respective business need based on the following criteria:

  • Employee availability 24/7
  • Significant portion of work assignments are off site or in the field
  • Access in case of emergencies required
  • Programmatic needs identified by manager

One or multiple criteria may be selected. These devices are to be used for campus business, casual and incidental personal use must be reimbursed if extra charges are incurred. Approval by respective Vice President is required for the issuance of any such CSUSB provided mobile device or an allowance.

Annual Review

Vice presidents will review and reauthorize current employees and their mobile devices including their service/features on an annual basis.

Security and Disposition

Every user of mobile devices must use reasonable care to protect university confidential data as outlined in the CSUSB Mobile Device Standards and Guidelines. University issued devices shall be managed by the campus mobile device management system.

University employees are expected to secure their mobile devices and should report any loss or theft of the device immediately to the University Police. In such situations, employees must also contact the Information Security Office to determine if any personal identifiable information (PII) may have been exposed.

University mobile devices must be returned to the appropriate administrator once they are no longer needed or upon termination of employment. Exceptions are outlined in the Standards document. Employees may be given an opportunity to transfer their assigned phone number to a personal device/plan.

The administrator will follow the Information Security Office recommendations to ensure all personal identifiable information has been removed from the device prior to any reissuance or decommissioning of the device. Disposal will follow university procedures.

Public Carrier Selection

Information Technology Services will annually review public carriers with existing Western State Communication Association (WSCA) and/or General Services Administration (GSA) agreements to develop a list of recommendations. Vice Presidents' Council will review and approve the recommended list each year. ITS will administer appropriate agreements with the carriers.

CSUSB Mobile Device Guidelines

Requests for a mobile device will follow CSUSB Mobile Device Standards and Guidelines. The Vice President/CIO of Information Technology Services will be responsible for reviewing and updating these standards and guidelines as needed to ensure they are effective and efficient in meeting the mobile device needs of the campus. These mobile devices are the property of the university, and the expectation of privacy should not be inferred. Refer to the Privacy and Ownership (Disclaimers) section within the campus Acceptable Use Policy.