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At the Palm Desert Campus, the Department of English offers a Bachelor of Arts in English, with concentrations in Literature and Creative Writing, as well as a Minor in English. The department also offers a “Directed Self-Study” concentration, which allows students (working in conjunction with a faculty advisor and with departmental approval) to develop an individualized program of study.

For students considering a career in high school language arts teaching, the department’s ETPP (English Teacher Preparation Program) is designed to grant a “subject matter waiver” streamlining entry into to a single-subject credential program. ETPP classes will be offered regularly at PDC during the regular academic year, or during Summer Session (at one of the two campuses). We also sponsor the PDC literary journal The Concrete Desert Review (see below).

More information on the English department (across both campuses) is available through the main department webpage.

Student will find the “Careers in English” and “Advising” sub-sections to be particularly useful.

The Concrete Desert Review

The Concrete Desert Review is a literary journal run by the students of the Palm Desert Campus. Students who work on The Concrete Desert Review enroll in ENG 5430 (Literary Production), and while serving on the journal staff will read and select stories, poems, and artwork to publish in our yearly print issue. Students also have the opportunity to curate and create content for our digital issues and podcast episodes. Working on our PDC literary journal gives students a unique opportunity to learn firsthand how the publishing industry works and to develop valuable collaborative and editorial skills. It is a great experience for future writers, poets, publishers, and anyone who enjoys reading.

For students interested in joining The Concrete Desert Review’s editorial team, please contact the faculty advisor/editor, Gina Hanson or 760-341-2883, ext. 78202.

For students who would like to have their stories, poems, or artwork considered for publication, please visit the Concrete Desert Review's website and click on the SUBMIT link for our submission guidelines.


Creative Writing Track

Literature Track

Self-Directed Study Track

NOTE: Admission to this concentration requires departmental approval.  An individualized program plan must be created in consultation with a faculty advisor as part of that process.

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Minor in English

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