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Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD)

Mission Statement

The Services to Students with Disabilities Office (SSD) strives to empower students with disabilities by fostering skills of self-advocacy, resourcefulness, and independence. The SSD office works collaboratively with the campus community to remove barriers and promote an enriched learning environment where students with disabilities can utilize their skills and pursue their academic and personal development goals.

Eligibility Process

SSD is committed to providing reasonable accommodations that support academic success and self-efficacy. The process to receive services requires that a student complete an Application for Services, and provide disability-related documentation through the following steps:

Step 1: Contact SSD

Contact us for our registration materials. You must provide documentation of disability directly to SSD —not to your program or the Office of Admission. All contact with SSD is confidential. Disability-related information is not released except on a need-to-know basis.

Step 2: Complete and Submit

Fill out and submit the Application for Services packet, including documentation of the disability to the SSD office. Without submission of documentation, the processing of the student’s application may be delayed.

Step 3: Review of Materials

An SSD counselor will review the documentation for eligibility and a brief introduction (Meet and Greet) will be scheduled either in person or by phone. Most reasonable accommodations may be arranged within 10 business days. Students receiving reasonable accommodations have a responsibility to notify the appropriate university personnel of their recommended accommodations in a timely manner.

Step 4: Verification of Enrollment

Upon verification of enrollment in classes, the intake will be scheduled. For students enrolled in online-only programs, requests for alternative arrangements for the intake appointment will be considered.

During the intake, the SSD counselor will discuss and assign the appropriate accommodations and the student will sign the necessary paperwork.

Please Note: Temporary disabilities (i.e. broken leg, sprained ankle) may be visually verified by staff to authorize on-campus mobility accommodations. The accommodation will remain in effect for the semester. Other temporary disabilities will be processed in the same manner as a regular applicant.

Applying for Services

In order to ensure appropriate accommodations, need is assessed on an individual basis. To receive services, students must have appropriate and current documentation to support the need for services, unless this determination of need can be made by qualified SSD staff members.

The SSD office is located in the Administrative Office of the Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Building, Room RG 203A.

To schedule an appointment at PDC, please call (760) 341-2883, ext. 78117 or email the SSD office. 

For more information, visit the CSUSB SSD website.