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Cross Enrollment

Cross Enrollment allows students from area community colleges to take upper division classes at the Palm Desert Campus for $10 on a space available basis provided they meet the eligibility requirements.


Cross Enrollment students may take one class per term at the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus if they meet all of the following requirements:

  • Are a current student at College of the Desert, Copper Mountain College, Palo Verde College or Mt. San Jacinto College;
  • Have completed at least one term at home campus;
  • Are enrolled in at least 6 units for current semester;
  • Have a GPA of 2.00 for work completed;
  • Have paid tuition and fees at home campus;
  • Have met prerequisites required for the PDC class as stated in the CSUSB Bulletin of Courses; and
  • Are a California resident.

Costs and Fees

There is a $10 administrative fee per TERM. Books, lab fees and parking fees are extra.


  1. Complete the Cross Enrollment from the Community Colleges form. The student completes the top portion and the home campus completes the middle portion. This form is required each term.
  2. First-time Cross Enrollment students must also complete the Non-Degree Seeking/Transitory Application. This form is only required once.


Enrollment is on the first day of class and based on seat availability. Present the Cross Enrollment from the Community Colleges form to the instructor. If the instructor agrees, the instructor will sign the bottom of the form. Submit completed forms, pay fee, and register home campus parking permit at the PDC Administration Office during the first week of classes. Forms will not be accepted earlier than the first week of classes.

Students will not be listed on the class roster until after the third week of the term. Therefore, students must keep a copy of the Cross Enrollment form as verification of authorized attendance.

Additional Information

Contact the CSUSB Office of the Registrar for more information at (909) 537-5200.

What To Take

Only upper division courses are available through this program.

Enrollment is on the first day of class and based on seat availability. It is recommended that first-time Cross Enrollment students take one of the capstone classes (Expository Writing, Humanities, Natural Science and Social Science.) These classes are required of all CSU students and typically have openings. Classes for majors are small and fill quickly.