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World Class Technical Support - Call 909-537-7677

Technology Support Center (TSC) at Palm Desert Campus is the one-stop shop for support, information, and consultation of all technology-related matters. On a 24/7 basis, the technology support center provides the university with effective, timely, and consistent responses to technology support needs.  After hours service is available at 909-537-7677.  

The TSC at Palm Desert Campus is the issuer of Coyote OneCard, the official CSUSB identification card. We provide students, faculty, and staff assistance and training on campus resources such as myCoyote, Blackboard, campus email systems, Google G Suite, Office 365. We also assist with desktop support and provide access to many campus-licensed software.

The TSC at Palm Desert Campus is located in the Rogers Gateway Building RG-103 and RG-203 (admin office) can be reached by phone at 909-537-7677 or email at

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Hotspots Program

Students at Palm Desert Campus can obtained at no cost to students.  

You must be enrolled in Spring courses to check out a mobile hotspot at this time.

Eligibility:  All hotpots and accompanying equipment are the property of CSUSB. Borrowing privileges are available to currently enrolled students with a valid Coyote ID card.

Availability:  Information Technology Services provides a limited number of hotspots for students to borrow for the duration of the semester (fall, spring or summer). Loans are subject to availability while supplies last.

Borrowing Guidelines: Borrowing is limited to one hotspot per student per semester. Students may borrow hotspots only for the semester in which they have enrolled. Information Technology Services may cancel any request and require immediate return of the hotspot if the student has not enrolled in classes. Borrowers must return all hotspots and accompanying equipment in person to the Technology Support Center or other designated location. Information Technology Services may automatically renew loans for the following semester at its discretion. Borrowers may not redistribute hotspots to another person. All hotspots and accompanying equipment checked out by the borrower are the responsibility of the borrower. Borrowers must return items on time and in good condition.

Mobile Hotspot Request Form

Laptop Lending Program

Eligibility:  All laptops and accompanying equipment are the property of CSUSB. Borrowing privileges are available to currently enrolled students with a valid Coyote ID card and a library account in good standing.

Availability:   The Pfau Library provides a limited number of laptops (Mac or Windows platforms) for students to borrow for the duration of the semester (fall, spring or summer).  Loans are subject to availability and the Library may substitute laptop platform as supplies last.

Borrowing Guidelines:  Borrowing is limited to one laptop per student per semester.  Students may borrow laptops only for the semester in which 
they have enrolled. The Library may cancel any request and require immediate return of the laptop if the student has not enrolled in classes. Borrowers must return all laptops and accompanying equipment in person at the Check-Out Desk or other designated location. Do not return laptops in the book drops. The Library may automatically renew loans for the following semester at its discretion. Borrowers may not redistribute laptops to another person.

Overdue Fees:  All laptops and accompanying equipment checked out by the borrower are the responsibility of the borrower. Borrowers must return items on time and in good condition. Laptops returned late will incur fees at the rate of $10 per hour after the due date and time. Damage or loss of laptops and accompanying equipment will result in replacement cost charges up to but not exceeding $1,300. An additional processing fee of $15 will also be included.

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California State University San Bernardino will join Phase II of the CSU Chancellor’s Office CSUCCESS (California State University Connectivity Contributing to Equity and Student Success), a bold initiative to enhance student achievement and create more equitable opportunities for the CSU community by providing industry-leading technology. 

CSUSB will use its existing Library systems used to distribute the iPad bundles for the CSUCCESS program.  The iPad distribution to eligible students at Palm Desert Campus will be Thursday, January 20, 2022.

The program will distribute iPad bundles (iPad, Keyboard and Stylus) to all incoming transfer students and first-time freshman students only in January 2022.

iPad Bundle Request Form

  • Next Generation Smart Classrooms
    CSUSB Information Technology Services is currently upgrading all 280 classrooms on the San Bernardino and Palm Desert campuses with state-of-the-art audio-visual communication equipment. Our purpose is to facilitate faculty's excellent teaching in whichever mode they choose, including cosynchronous mode - that is, simultaneously teaching on-site students face-to-face and remote synchronous students connected via Zoom.
  • Coyote OneCard

    The Coyote OneCard is your student identification throughout campus. Your OneCard is not just an ID, it also functions as a: Meal Card – If you live in the dorms and are on a meal plan; Library Card – Library access number located on back of card; Fitness Card – For access to the Rec Sports Center; Medical Card – For access to Student Health Center services; Debit/Print Card – Add money using Coyote Cash and your OneCard becomes a purchasing/printing card

  • Accessible Technology Services
    ATI is a department within Information Technology Services. Our highly qualified and experienced specialists design inclusive, pedagogically sound, and technology-enhanced environments that empower faculty to achieve their instructional goals.
  • Vital and Expanded Technologies Initiative

    The Vital and Expanded Technologies Initiative will be allocated in a manner beneficial to all students by providing them with technology experiences that: Enhance the technological resources at California State University, San Bernardino to support student success; Broaden/enhance the quality of the academic experience through the use of technology in support of the curriculum; Provide additional student access to technological resources and equipment needed in support of instruction; Maintain and enhance the technological competency of students as it relates to their academic endeavors