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Chair Sunny Hyon

Associate Chair Sunny Hyon introduces panel at the SEE (Strategic Employability in English) event on April 26. Photo: Peter Acosta/CSUSB

Careers for English Majors

An English degree is unique.  It prepares you for a wide range of careers and offers much pleasure along the way.   While reveling in literature, language, writing, and rhetoric, you develop highly transferable skills for the job market, including analytical thinking, effective writing, creative problem-solving, linguistic sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and insight into the human condition.  With this skill set, you can do just about anything—including work in writing and editing, business, law, education, technology, health, science, government, and politics.   A bachelor’s degree in English also offers an excellent foundation for graduate study in various fields.

Valuable Knowledge and Skills Gained as an English Major:

  • Analytical reading
  • Effective writing
  • Critical and synthetic thinking
  • Imaginative problem-solving
  • Information literacy and research skills
  • Ability to connect with multiple audiences
  • Awareness of diverse perspectives
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Deep understanding of human nature

English majors are highly successful in a range of careers and callings.  They pursue such varied professions as law, grant writing, teaching, corporate communications, language pathology, video game design, and medicine; they are also highly sought after by large corporations, small businesses, start-ups, government agencies, media organizations, and a wide range of other employers.  

The English Major in Demand