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Auditorium and Theater

Richard and Janice Oliphant Auditorium

The Richard and Janice Oliphant Auditorium is located in the Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Building.

Auditorium Amenities

Oliphant Auditorium Amenities

  • 123 Seats
  • Tablet theater-styled chairs
  • Wheelchair accessible seating
  • Auditorium is equipped with smart technolorgy that includes theater-style projection system with DVD/Blu-Ray capabilities, computer and document camera interface.
  • Events held in the Richard and Janice Oliphant Auditorium have access to hold receptions in the Florence Rigdon Hall (Rogers Gateway Lobby) or the outdoor R.D. and Joan Dale Hubbard Courtyard, both located just outside the auditorium.

Indian Wells Theater

The Indian Wells Theater is a professional performing arts theater that offers comfortable seating in an intimate and inviting setting. Excellent acoustics and sightlines, high production values, first-class amenities, helpful staff and affordable rental rates make the theater an ideal venue for live performances and large assemblies.


The theater is ideally suited to accommodate a wide range of performances, including opera, ballet, orchestral music, plays, comedy, meetings and lectures. The theater has showcased the performances of world-renowned talents, as well as local school drama clubs, orchestras, bands, dance companies and choral groups. 






Indian Wells Theater Amenities

  • 304 cushioned seats (view seating chart)
  • Wheelchair accessable seating
  • Wheelchair lift
  • Accommodations for hearing impaired

Theater Dimensions

Proscenium:46 ft wide x 22 ft highStage right wing: 22 ft wideStage left wing: 22 ft wideStage depth: 32 ft.

Audio/Visual Equipment


  • Board: Yamaha DM 2000 Digital Mixer
  • Board: Yamaha MGM 32X28 Ch. 14-bus Analog Mixer
  • (6) Shure QXLD Handheld mics
  • (12) Shure QXLD wireless mic packs with lavalier elements
  • (12) Countryman boom mic elements (to be used with Shure mic packs)
  • (6) Shure ULX wireless handheld mic units
  • (6) AKG Shotgun mics
  • (3) Shure choir mics (suspended over stage)
  • (2) Shure PZM boundary mics (for piano)
  • (6) AKG wired dynamic handheld mics
  • (1) Shure 412 podium mic
  • (1) Audio Tehnica goose neck mic
  • (4) JBL EON stage monitor speaker system
  • 5.1 Meyer Dolby digital surround speaker system (movie viewing)
  • (1) Numark dual CD playback uint
  • (24) listening devices for hearing imapired


  • EPSON LCD house projector ICOM-5 Channel DVD player (Blu-Ray)
  • 20x15 ft. electric adjustable screen
  • (3) 9x12 Fastfold rear projection screens
  • (3) 6x8 ft. Fastfold front projection screens
  • Dell Optiplex computer
  • Targus remote presenter (for PowerPoint)
  • Apple iMac desktop computer
  • ROLAND VR-3EX video broadcast mixer
  • SONY Blu-Ray DVD player

Lighting Equipment

  • Board: ETC Express 24/48 – 96 ch, w/monitor Lighting instruments:


  • (6) Fresnel light fixtures


  • (4) LED panels (red, green, blue, white -1200w), for stage curtain up lighting going.


  • (12) 6 channel dimmers - Leprecon


  • (38) 19 Degree light fixtures


  • (21) 26 Degree light fixtures


  • (10) 50 Degree light fixtures


  • (10) Parnel light fixtures


  • (2) Follow spots (various color gels), in booth


Stage Operations


  • Clearcom wired headset system


  • Off-stage video monitor


  • Fixed house video camera – (for lobby monitor)


  • 25 ft. scissor lift


  • Gated off-stage load-in area

Some stage and wall lights use a BAK PAK type as well as 12 channel dimmer packs, so for every light, there is a corresponding dimmer. Electric light bars are fixed, 20 feet high, there is no fly system. The stage area is about 45 feet (length) by 35 feet (width). We have 3 electric light bars (5 bars all together) over the stage, two side wall bars in the audience area, and two light bars are over the booth set for a curtain warmer, and a catwalk over the audience.



Additional Information:

Clients may have access to standard production facilities, such as the Green Room, with a maximum occupancy of 25, dressing rooms and a small storage room. Other facilities and equipment not specifically outlined in the rental agreement are available for use and will be added to fees as specified, if requested. Clients will have access to standard production equipment such as microphones, basic theatrical lighting equipment and other essential items necessary to stage their production. While most equipment is available for use, the theater does not guarantee equipment availability for every event. Should the requested equipment not be available, the client will be notified in a timely manner. Outside/rented equipment is allowed, however the client remains responsible for the equipment while in the facility. The theater, and its staff, does not assume liability for any lost or damaged equipment.

Reception Areas

Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Building

There are reception areas on the first and third floors of the Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Building that can accommodate groups of up to 50 people. For larger groups, the R.D. and Joan Dale Hubbard Courtyard just outside is also available.


Florence Rigdon Hall

Florence Rigdon Hall

Rogers Gateway, Third Floor

3rd floor reception


R.D. and Joan Dale Hubbard Plaza

R.D. and Joan Dale Hubbard

Indian Wells Center for Educational Excellence Lobby

Receptions can be held for small groups in the lobby of the Indian Wells Center for Educational Excellence Building. Larger groups of more than 20 can use IW 120, which accommodates up to 100 people. 
Educational Excellence Lobby


Palm Desert Health Sciences Building

The Coeta Barker Lobby located in the Palm Desert Health Sciences Building accommodates small receptions for up to 50 people.

Coeta Barker Lobby

Coeta Barker Lobby