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TESOL (Hybrid)

The large number of students with limited English proficiency in the public schools of California has created a pressing need for teachers with advanced professional preparation in the field of English language development. In addition, the teaching of English around the world (EFL, English as a Foreign Language), one of the program emphases, is one of the fastest-growing international professions. The M.A. in Education, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Option is a program designed to meet the needs of English teachers in K-12 classrooms in the United States and abroad. In addition, we offer specialization in adult ESL and college-level EFL teaching.

Foundation courses in the College of Education encourage a broad overview of theories of language acquisition and social cultural influences on first and second language learning.

Elective courses in Education, English, or other subjects expand awareness of the structure of the English language and second language learning theory. Courses in TESOL teaching methods and supervised fieldwork opportunities strengthen the knowledge of classroom techniques.

The program features outstanding faculty with teaching and research interests in oral language and literacy development, cooperative language learning methods, computer-based instruction, modern literature studies, and English for scientific and technological purposes. Classes that encourage teachers to share their expertise build a collaborative basis for group learning. A unified focus on language for communicative purposes draws together contemporary theories of social, personal, and intellectual development toward an understanding of the language learner as a whole person.

The M.A. in Education, TESOL Option can be a one- two-, or three-year program. Many classes are scheduled in the late afternoon and evening for the convenience of practicing teachers. Summer courses are available. Employed educators may include fieldwork experience at their school site. For pre-service teachers, fieldwork placement is available for supervised study at several model elementary and secondary schools, as well as teaching opportunities at the International Extension Program (IEP) on campus.

For the certificate, there will be four 4-unit courses, one each quarter.

  • EESL 6400 Reading Methods for TESOL
  • EESL 6700 Principles & Practice in TESOL
  • EESL 5500 Writing Methods in TESOL
  • EESL 6300 Crosscultural Teaching

Interested participants may also continue on to receive an M.A. in Education with a TESOL Option, or they can stop with the Certificate.

For more information on the TESOL program please visit the CSUSB website.

Interested in the Program?

Applicants interested in the program at the Palm Desert Campus should contact:

i. Dr. Golge Seferoglu
Associate Professor

ii. Ms. Arlena Allende
Program Admission Advisor

Application Process:

Important note: Transcripts from all colleges are needed for the application process.